A common mistake of beginners is to buy as a first bike model of their dreams, they dreamed of in childhood. The novice driver is much more likely to drop the bike, and straight. The first bike should be cheap not only in price but also in service model. Do not pay attention to beautiful plastic kits, they only hinder learning.
Define the purposes and nature of its ride future bike. If it is needed in order to make daily trips to work, which is at a great distance from home, it is better to use bikes for traveling and long trips (e.g. Travel or Cruiser). Do not buy a Sport as my first motorcycle.
View all themed magazines that talk about all the new developments in the field of motoring to know what parameters are essential for each bike. It is worth considering that design features, such as steering and foot pegs are strictly personal, so to order a bike, never tested it, not worth it.
For a person with a relatively small size is to take a small bike with engine capacity not exceeding 400 cubic centimeters. If height and weight are above average, you can buy a bike more, but with reasonable power (up to 600 cubes).When choosing a motorcycle the main thing that he really liked, and then it will bring only a lot of fun. Having defined the model, you should always consult with experts or read more about it on the Internet.