Advice 1: How to choose first motorcycle

When choosing your first motorcycleas a novice, many questions arise. Novice rider you want to buy a bike more expensive and prettier, but it's wrong. Need to be guided to safety, and only in the last instance which has speed characteristics of the selected model.
How to choose first motorcycle
A common mistake of beginners is to buy as a first bike model of their dreams, they dreamed of in childhood. The novice driver is much more likely to drop the bike, and straight. The first bike should be cheap not only in price but also in service model. Do not pay attention to beautiful plastic kits, they only hinder learning.
Define the purposes and nature of its ride future bike. If it is needed in order to make daily trips to work, which is at a great distance from home, it is better to use bikes for traveling and long trips (e.g. Travel or Cruiser). Do not buy a Sport as my first motorcycle.
View all themed magazines that talk about all the new developments in the field of motoring to know what parameters are essential for each bike. It is worth considering that design features, such as steering and foot pegs are strictly personal, so to order a bike, never tested it, not worth it.
For a person with a relatively small size is to take a small bike with engine capacity not exceeding 400 cubic centimeters. If height and weight are above average, you can buy a bike more, but with reasonable power (up to 600 cubes).When choosing a motorcycle the main thing that he really liked, and then it will bring only a lot of fun. Having defined the model, you should always consult with experts or read more about it on the Internet.
Be sure to buy a helmet. It needs to sit correctly on the head, no need to be sorry on it of money. As a rule, the better the helmet, the more expensive it is. The side pads should be tightly pressed to the cheek, but when you try to move it right or left it should still hold. However, one should not buy model, after which on the face are the traces.
Useful advice
To learn how to confidently and safely drive neobhodimo before buying my first bike.

Advice 2: How to choose a good and cheap motorcycle

Buying a motorcycle, especially the first - an important and responsible step. It is not only significant financial costs but also that the motorcycle is a vehicle of increased danger and, therefore, you should choose very carefully.
How to choose a good and cheap motorcycle

Varieties of motorcycles

First and foremost, it is advisable to understand the existing types of motorcycles, their distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages. So, today you can choose from the following classes: sport bike, classic, Enduro and cruiser. Within each class there are many subclasses and branches, but in principle all of the motorcycles are one of these four types.

The choice of a particular class depends on your needs and expectations. Sports bikes have high speed, short gears, in a particular fit of the driver with support on hand. For everyday driving around town or travelling long distances is much more suitable for classic motorcycles, designed specifically for this purpose. The Enduro motorcycle is designed mainly for driving on rough terrain, although nothing prevents to ride them in the city. Finally, the cruiser is a comfortable car with a long fork, two-layer seat and lots of chrome parts. The most famous cruisers ever produced by the company Harley-Davidson.
In addition to famous brands such as Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and others, there are motorcycles from China. They attract buyers with the low price for which, however, have to pay quality.

Once you have a motorcycle what class you want to purchase, you can start looking for a suitable proposal. Of course, from the point of view of quality and safety it is preferable to buy a new bike in the cabin, but in practice this is not always possible. The fact is that prices on new bikes high quality brands comparable to the prices on used cars. Most beginner riders prefer to buy bikes with mileage that are inexpensive, especially considering the fact that a year and a half, many of them are thinking about purchasing a more powerful motorcycle with the adjusted requirements and driving experience.

Buying a motorcycle with mileage

To buy a used motorcycle, you can either all in the same cabin, either from a private person on Craigslist. In any case, it is necessary to approach the issue of choice and STK the future of the "iron horse" as thoroughly as possible. There are cases, like a motorcycle in an emergency or frankly poor condition repaired "in a hurry" to sell to the inexperienced buyer. If you are not confident in their skills and knowledge, it is better to seek help of a tech-savvy friend. In addition, the good versions of the motorcycle run can be found on the websites of clubs motorcyclists. As a rule, at the end of the season prices are much lower than in spring, so buy the bike better in the late autumn.
Buying a motorcycle, don't forget to take care of the protection. At the very least you need a helmet, jacket with protection elbow joints and special shoes. All this is possible not only in the store but on Craigslist.

Do not pay much attention to the mileage of the motorcycle, because you can never be sure that he is not "twisted". Better to concentrate on the technical condition. Don't forget to check the engine number and frame, check fluids, wear of the brake pads, the engine's smooth running. Do not hesitate to ask the seller specific questions relating to past operation of the motorcycle, in the end, to get their money's good quality product – a normal human desire.

Advice 3: How to choose a cheap motorcycle

The cost of motorcycles can vary greatly: some models are available a wide range of customers, while others at a cost comparable to luxury cars. If your budget is limited, the search range is narrowed, however, this does not mean that you will not be able to purchase a quality vehicle.
How to choose a cheap motorcycle

How to choose a cheap motorcycle

The first thing to remember is that the bike needs to be not only cheap, but also reliable and safe. Customers often chase the lowest price and forget about how serious problems can deliver low quality model. In any case, do not select the used device from serious damage that will have to be addressed. Be careful when choosing vehicles of Chinese production: they can be very high quality, and base. It is advisable to read the reviews of other users and seek advice from more experienced drivers at least on thematic sites and forums.

Give preference to models with low power. If you are a beginner, this option is ideal for training and improvement driving skills. Low-powered motorcycles are relatively cheap and consume very little gasoline.

Consider the features of different manufacturers. There are brand – often Japanese – which focus on a relatively small number of customers and offer models of high-price categories. Along with them there are firms manufacturing motorcycles with minimal features, but reliable and inexpensive. Pay attention on the last option.

Certainly consider the cost of maintenance and repair of the motorcycle. Many models older than 7-10 years have a low efficiency: you can buy them cheap, but in the future will have too much money to spend on maintenance and service. The same applies to models, parts which are very hard to get.

Where to buy cheap motorcycle

Try to pick a used car. To find a motorbike in the ads, on special markets. Often used Japanese motorcycles that is reliable and a high level of security is sold at a low price. To choose such vehicles need very carefully: there is a risk that the seller hides certain failure, which in future will cause big problems for you.

To buy a motorcycle cheap, you can also pay attention to promotions and discounts to stores, especially for seasonal sales. Often prices in such cases are greatly reduced. This is the best option for people who want to buy a motorcycle at a low price, but not ready to give preference to a used model.

Advice 4: How to choose motorcycle

If you like speed and new experiences, buy travel bike. Their production involved many of the company. In MOTOBIKE salon large selection of equipment, everyone will find a suitable option.
How to choose motorcycle
Can be purchased as brand new and used motorcycle. If funds allow - it is better to prefer the first option. Buying a motorcycle with it, move it to the station for inspection and only then make a decision. By entering into a transaction, execute documents at the notary, then you will not have further problems.
It is not necessary to hurry. Especially carefully it is necessary to choose your first motorcycle. Beginners often just don't know which model will suit them. Be sure to consider your weight, height and gender.
Determine for what purpose you wish to buy a motorcycle. For travel on asphalt better fit one model, but for long-distance travel – is completely different. The diversity of motorcycle models can be divided into five classes. Is: Enduro, chopper, classic, cruiser and sport. They differ in design and purpose.
The class includes Enduro dirtbikes. They are ideal for off road trips. Even externally, they differ from other motorcycles at wing and tread rubber. Wing motorcycles Enduro is a long distance from the wheel.
If you plan to travel outside the city and only on very good roads, you can buy motosol class sport. They are suitable to all fans of racing. This class of motorcycle is the most dangerous when driving in the city. Dealing with a very powerful engine and really high speed that can develop a motorcycle.
If you've never ridden a motorcycle, you should not start with the sport models. Better pick another class and gain experience of driving, and then later buy a sports bike.
The third class of motorcycles – choppers. This is an expensive machine, these "limousines" motorworld. A typical representative of the choppers - Harley Davidson. Such motocicli great for long trips. They are distinguished by the convenience of landing.
Cruisers are very similar to choppers but have some differences in design. The engine of such motorcycle is quiet. Its capacity is large, so the cruiser quickly accelerates on the track. If you love to travel, this bike is the perfect option.
You can buy classic motorcycle. The design is close to the choppers, but it has more manoeuvrability. This technique is recommended to buy indeed. By learning, you will be able to change to a sport bike or a chopper.
If you plan to do dirt riding, buy the Enduro because it's more like a motocross bike controls and the planting.
Having defined the class of the motorcycle, hit the motorcycle. Determine in advance how much you can spend. You can make the purchase on credit. Be sure to verify the interest rate and select the loan period. Finding the right model, be sure to sit on the bike. You should be comfortable.
Pay attention to the power of the engine and also to your height and weight. Fat people should choose the model with the engine 400 CC and see If you have the average height and weight over 50 kg, it is recommended to take a motorcycle with an engine capacity of 250 CC.

Advice 5: What bike to choose

Dirtbikes unlike other types of motor vehicles designed only for racing cross country Championships (cross-country) and sports tricks. These motorcycles are produced for both adults and children.
Motocross bike

The main criteria for the choice of motocross bike

The main characteristics of the motocross bike can be described in one sentence: "Nothing in excess". In design there are no headlights, turn lights, electric starter. Start dirtbikes with kick-starter. In the city and on the track "crossc" cannot be used because of the threat to safety of other road users.

The choice of a motocross bike, unlike the similar class "Enduro" is quite limited. Beginners in Motorsport to better navigate the "iron horses" with two-stroke engines (in fact, children and Teens, beginners to learn motocross, start with two-stroke motorcycles). In addition, these models have several advantages over four-stroke. First, small weight: light motorcycles less traumatic and more maneuverable on the cross. Secondly, carry out maintenance and repair of a motorcycle with two-stroke engine is much cheaper.

It should be noted, despite the technical advantages and disadvantages, the choice of a motocross bike is a very subjective decision and sometimes it depends on what the exterior will appeal to the future owner how much money he has at the time of purchase and what its aims are. So, 4T is the best choice for those who are going just to adrenaline off-road, without participation in competitions.

Popular models

One of the brightest representatives motocross bikes is a Yamaha YZ250. Engine capacity of 249 CC that gives quite a lot of power when moving. The model is produced in Japan, which guarantees high quality Assembly. The Yamaha YZ250 is perfect for beginners (working not less than six months), and experienced athletes.

Similar technical characteristics model is a two-stroke Suzuki RM250. From the previous RM250 the bike has a more striking design and lots of modifications the Cost of a used motorcycle 2009-2010 model years is about 60 thousand rubles, on expenses it more economical Yamaha YZ250, since it is easier to find parts.

Interesting motorcycle with four-stroke engine can be called a fairly popular model Honda CRF250R. She has a rather "aggressive" attitude, higher torque, due to which the motorcycle can turn softer and be dispersed faster and easier. For heavy weight riders Honda CRF250R would be a better choice than almost weightless 2T.
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