To begin empirically determine what made your boots. There is a small chance that they are still from real rubber. Then further actions you simply mess up. For experience take a needle and rascality it to red. Then touch it to the boot, preferably in a prominent place. If the material will start to melt – so the shoes are made of PVC. You can start stretching.
Called polyvinyl chloride thermoplastic material. When heated it softens, and on cooling hardens again. How to soften your boots by heating depends on the amount of the plasticizer that the manufacturer added to the material. Therefore, it is impossible to predict in advance the success of the stretch marks. Usually PVC begins to soften at 70 º C.
Boil water and pour directly into the boots of the boiling water. Let your shoes stand for half an hour. Then add more boiling water.
While the boots will soften, put on feet several pairs of wool socks to increase the volume of the foot. Socks will help feet not to burn yourself on hot boots.
Then you need to pour the water out of the boots and wasted no time, quickly put shoes on his feet. The PVC very good tensile strength. And to break it, unlike rubber products, is quite difficult. So feel free to pull the softened boots.
Without removing boots, take half a bath of cold water. Then climb into the tub and wait a few minutes. While your shoes will be cool, don't forget to wiggle your toes and put pressure on the boots from the inside. Especially the front – to increase the size.