First you need to remove the car from the account, it is better not to sell a car by proxy. Sell the car yourself using the services of specialized companies and service trade-in in stores.

If you decide to sell the car yourself, it is best to do it at the car. You need to prepare the vehicle for inspection to a potential buyer. Choose the car original in appearance, and then the insides.

Before you put the car up for sale, you need to RUB the body with wax, cleaning the salon. If there are rotten sills, then you can paint, cover with floatstone. It is also worth to wash the engine. The market is better to go early to have time to get a good seat. Better to bring someone, just to be safe.

On certain sites, you can sell a car over the Internet, put an ad. To ad to attach a photo. In the Declaration there must be information about the car, its characteristics. This is the easiest and quite affordable way, which is now used by many.

If you use the services of a specialized company, which is engaged in sale of cars, the representative of the company independently makes the pictures and technical details provided to buyers. The disadvantage of this method is the price as for its services, the company takes about 20% from the sale of the car.

If you sell the car in order to buy new, then trade-in for you. Now almost all dealers have this service. Trade-in used to sell your used car and then buying a new surcharge.

Each of the ways of selling vehicles have their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the lower the price of the car, the faster it can be sold. Should objectively assess the condition of your car: not too much to inflate the price and sell the iron horse for nothing is not worth it.