Features of conventional moped

Classic moped looks more like a symbiosis of motorcycle and Bicycle. To turn on the engine, you must first squeeze the grip while rotating foot pedal and gaining speed, release the clutch and then squeeze the gas.

The engine has the classic moped has only one speed, which allows you to develop the movement of up to 50 kilometers per hour. Similar engine size is an advantage of the vehicle, because it does not require registration, insurance, and the owner — driver's license. However, once in some complex conditions, the engine power may not be enough, then have to pedal.

There are more modern models of mopeds without a Bicycle drive and transmission. In the pros, you can add simplicity to road surfaces. As the wheels of the moped have a fairly large radius, it is possible to drive in comfort and on the pavement and roads from soil.

The differences between a moped from a scooter

The main difference between a scooter and moped is the location of the engine. At a moped it is in the middle, between the wheels and is further connected by a chain with a rear wheel. Scooter the motor is right under the seat, above the rear wheel.

The scooter consumes much less fuel than a moped and less polluting. His engine is usually much quieter, but the price can be prohibitive.

Scooter has a chain and pedals, but it has automatic transmission. Its design is very convenient for women, as there is no need to throw a leg over the frame when landing, as in the case of a moped. Affectionately call them "stools" because on a scooter you can sit like on a chair.

Radius wheel scooter is much less than that of a moped, so it is best to only move on the pavement. If the engine capacity not exceeding 50 cubic centimeters, can be made without obtaining the rights. If you have the right category "A", then you can choose a more powerful scooter or motorcycle.


If still in doubt what to choose – scooter or moped, you think, why you need transport. For driving in urban conditions, on smooth asphalt suitable and economical scooter. And in the case of frequent movement over bumps, potholes, dirt and soil need to choose a moped. Perhaps it will not work to save gasoline, but for sure never get stuck.