You will need
  • - an old Bicycle;
  • - the fuel tank;
  • engine;
  • - the muffler.
Self-Assembly of a motorcycle – a great opportunity to create a vehicle tailored to the individual needs of its owner. To begin, you must mentally construct a motorcycle. Think about what you would like to see, and what functions it must perform.
Sketch drawing of your bike on paper. Simply diagram to facilitate his work on the Assembly.
Now examine the provisions of the document "Technical requirements for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds, made in individual cases." Made with his own hands the bike must comply with these regulations.
The easiest and most versatile option is homemade mini-moped on the base of the bike. If you choose this option, then any bike should have a thick frame and large diameter wheels, then get a reliable vehicle.
Now you can proceed directly to the Assembly of a motorcycle or moped. If design-based bike, add fuel tank, engine and muffler.
Use parts intended only for motorcycles and mopeds. Automotive and other spare parts can only be used in extreme cases. But then you will be able to use this motorcycle in the country.
Assembled from different parts of the motorcycle does not look very nice, so it is better to paint. Before painting clean and degrease the parts of the vehicle. Use moisture-proof and heat-resistant paint to permanently protect parts from effects of the environment and to preserve the attractive appearance of the motorcycle.