First of all, decide the manufacturer. Among motorcycle classic choppers American Harley Davidson, are considered. It is a trendsetter in copperstone. The Japanese motorcycles very successfully replicate the us in appearance, but better quality in workmanship, more reliable and durable and more advanced technical solutions and technologies.
Next, you need to make a decision about the working volume of the engine. Nizkokalorina choppers more economical, lighter in weight and easier to operate for beginners. The price them look more attractive. But the majority of consumers prefer large motors: stronger than the thrill of travel and the resource is very large. The greatest demand for choppers class 750-1100 CC Greater engine capacity – only for fans. Affluent consumers prefer the 400 class CC.
Rear wheel chopper is a propeller shaft. There are choppers with a chain or a belt drive to the rear wheel, but heavy machinery is preferable to the gimbal. When you purchase universal motorcycle with mileage pay special attention to the wheel gear and the condition of the oil in it. Have checked chain wear and chain type. If the circuit tests normal, her life will be small, a necessary chain type O-Ring.
The most common type of engine – V-type, twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled with double overhead camshafts. Other types are rarely used. When buying a chopper with a mileage measure the compression (should be 0.8-1.0 MPa), check the noise at idle.
To check the power supply system b/u of motorcycle acceleration to 100 km/h. Disruptions and failures in engine work at this speed indicate the General pollution of the power system. Check for rust in the gas tank.
Front fork chopper is often subjected to corrosion. And the effects of corrosion of the front fork is much heavier than the consequences of corrosion of the frame.
Rear suspension may be with two shock absorbers or with a single monoshock. Support the rear wheel and swing the pendulum to the side. The beating of the pendulum means the wear of its bearings. Chopperunregulated s are equipped with a sealed shock absorbers. They are incredibly difficult to repair and expensive to buy ($400 apiece).