Do not pass up protective gear. To reduce the likelihood of injury in case of accidental drops wear every time you sit behind the wheel of a mopedand a thick jacket and helmet.
When there is a desire to accelerate, twist the gas handle sharply until the vehicle picked up speed. It is especially dangerous so to act, if loaded trunk, or you climb the mountain. In this case, a moped can become unmanageable and to throw off the rider.
Always keep an eye on the speedometer instead of relying on your feelings. The fact that the V-belt CVT is able to provide acceleration, only at constant speed of the motor, and what is called "hearing" moment set the required speed to define extremely difficult. Relying only on their own feelings, you risk to cross the safe limit.
Do not use only the rear or only the front brake. Brake two, carrying a small delay before switching back. When using only rear brake, the scooter will be piled on the side, and one front – flipped over the handlebars.
Carefully follow the tread of the tyres that worn out can cause poor traction, increase braking distances and causes the risk of skidding. Never drive on "bald" rubber.
Do not throttle during the turn, not to be thrown off the road. Slow down before turning.
Because such a vehicle as a moped is not clearly visible on the road to other road users, always include a passing light of headlights.
When driving on sand, wet asphalt, or gravel, even at a speed of 20 km/h, brake with extreme caution. During rain avoid crossing on a mopede large puddles, do not drive with steep descents and weaving on climbs. When driving a mopedand not smoke or talk on the phone.