Advice 1: How to drive a moped

Lovers ride on a scooter or bike, grafting on a moped, often forget that this vehicle has some specific control. The observance of simple rules of driving and care for a mopedom ensure driver and passenger safety.
How to drive a moped
Do not pass up protective gear. To reduce the likelihood of injury in case of accidental drops wear every time you sit behind the wheel of a mopedand a thick jacket and helmet.
When there is a desire to accelerate, twist the gas handle sharply until the vehicle picked up speed. It is especially dangerous so to act, if loaded trunk, or you climb the mountain. In this case, a moped can become unmanageable and to throw off the rider.
Always keep an eye on the speedometer instead of relying on your feelings. The fact that the V-belt CVT is able to provide acceleration, only at constant speed of the motor, and what is called "hearing" moment set the required speed to define extremely difficult. Relying only on their own feelings, you risk to cross the safe limit.
Do not use only the rear or only the front brake. Brake two, carrying a small delay before switching back. When using only rear brake, the scooter will be piled on the side, and one front – flipped over the handlebars.
Carefully follow the tread of the tyres that worn out can cause poor traction, increase braking distances and causes the risk of skidding. Never drive on "bald" rubber.
Do not throttle during the turn, not to be thrown off the road. Slow down before turning.
Because such a vehicle as a moped is not clearly visible on the road to other road users, always include a passing light of headlights.
When driving on sand, wet asphalt, or gravel, even at a speed of 20 km/h, brake with extreme caution. During rain avoid crossing on a mopede large puddles, do not drive with steep descents and weaving on climbs. When driving a mopedand not smoke or talk on the phone.

Advice 2: Scooters and mopeds: what are the differences and similarities

21 century is the century of high speeds. To the ordinary man all the time, you need to move large by the standards of the pedestrian, the distance. Someone chooses private car or Shuttle bus. Young and mobile people for whom long hours of standing in traffic or in an overcrowded bus during peak hours is unacceptable, choose a scooter or moped.
Scooters and mopeds: what are the differences and similarities
According to the traffic Rules of the Russian Federation, a moped is a two - or three-wheeled vehicle with an engine capacity not exceeding 50 CC and a maximum design speed not exceeding 50 km/h according to the traffic Regulations mopeds are prescribed to move on the right side of the road with the bikes. The word "moped" comes from combining two words – motor and the bike. That is a Bicycle with a motor is a moped.
A conventional scooter comprises a pedal chain drive. In the hub of the rear wheel includes a brake. The brake can be deployed when rotating the pedals in the opposite direction. Sprocket driven chain drive motor also mounted on the rear wheel of a moped. Sprocket is on the shaft with the engine. The star shafts and the motor can be disconnected by using the clutch. Included is the clutch lever on the left handlebar grip. Right handle handlebar controls carburetor. Also on the right handlebar grip removed brake lever.
The scooter belongs to one kind of scooter. That is, the scooter is a lightweight motorcycle with an engine under the seat. Typically, the scooter has an automatic clutch and CVT. All working parts are protected with a plastic lining. The design of the scooter protect the driver from dust and dirt. The management of the scooter is accomplished with the rudder. On the handlebars are levers of the brakes and throttle. The engine is of two - and four-stroke.
Scooters come in various versions: urban, tour, sport and off-road. City are compact and small wheel diameter. Travel scooters are more comfortable for traveling long distances. Sport scooters are used in racing competitions. Offroad scooters are adapted for driving in difficult road conditions.
The similarity of the moped and scooter is that it is a two-wheeled vehicle with an engine. Similar and ways to manage – by using the levers located on the steering wheel. The scooter can have a more powerful engine than a moped. Some manufacturers produce scooters with an engine capacity of up to 830 CC Scooter is lighter and easier to manage. Landing of the driver on the scooter more convenient and comfortable than a moped. Under the seat of a scooter is a small Luggage compartment, which distinguishes it from the bike. Scooter has become a very popular means of transportation due to the efficiency and comfort.
For moped and scooter use one category of rights - M, which allows to manage them. This law was passed in the Russian Federation from November 5, 2013.

Advice 3: It required a helmet when riding a bike

Complete safety of Cycling can not guarantee even worn on the head of a Bicycle helmet. But it sure will reduce the risk of serious injury to the head.
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With the onset of warm summer days on roads of Russia there are cyclists. Adults and children with great pleasure pedaling. Headwind, the feeling of speed and freedom equally attract cyclists of all ages.

About safe driving on such available form of transport thinking a few. The statistics is inexorable — die on the roads both adults and young fans of Cycling.

Helmet for Cycling is not mandatory, but desirable

According to the rules of the road code helmet is required only for drivers of mopeds. But the traffic police inspectors, giving the students the right to bike check helmet. The exam is taken only if available.

They also warn parents about the responsibility for children riding without helmets and about the dangers to serious injuries. Helmet from bumps and drops protects the bike driver. It reduces the likelihood of traumatic brain injury in 63-88%.

To ride a bike on the roads a child from the age of 14, if a rights and desirable means of protection: helmet and goggles. If you explain all the dangers on Russian roads, you can easily convince the child to use the necessary.

How to choose a helmet

The choice of a model individual, always keep in mind how comfortable a helmet to a child or adult. The helmet should fit snugly on the head of the cyclist to be buttoned.

It consists of a solid body, of a material which dampens the impact force, and soft inserts inside. Designed design on one strong fall or a blow to the head. After this helmet, as a rule, crack, and it needs to change to a new one.

Some models can be used after the first blow, but the cracks will increase the likelihood of serious injury. To ride in the ordinary city rider enough to buy a road/MTB helmet.

"Basket" suitable for riding on the main roads, for a more rigid option, you have to buy "pot". To choose the right helmet for Cycling will help sales consultants shops of sports equipment and experienced Amateurs.

Cycling is a favorite pastime of teenagers past and present centuries. It became a hobby and a sport simultaneously. Subject to the necessary security measures Cycling would be very beneficial for the health of the child exercise.

Advice 4: How to convince parents to buy a moped

Despite the fact that in Russia every year are committed thousands of accidents to moped drivers to manage the vehicle can continue on reaching 14 years of age and without a license. But for parents of teenagers who dream to ride the iron friend, as soon as the passport is not an argument, and persuade them to buy a moped can be difficult. All the options can be used separately and alternately, depending on the reaction of the parents.
How to convince parents to buy a moped
Learn the road rules and read the requirements for drivers with license category "A" (motorcycles). Contact parents asking about buying a moped, and ask them to quiz you on the material you have studied.
Arrange to work during the summer holidays and, in confirmation of seriousness, spend money on entertainment, and the purchase of a helmet and other accessories necessary for safety on the road while driving a moped. It is possible that parents will not be able to refuse, seeing tangible evidence that you share their concern. If possible, buy small gifts for mother and father.
Take a moped rented from a friend and show when convenient to parents that you drive it carefully, and follow the rules of the road. It is a good idea if the trip will be useful in helping parents who need to deliver the home products urgently or to buy medicine.
Choose a time to calmly talk to your parents about buying a bike. It is possible that they will expose you to some serious but not impossible conditions. For example, to help with repairs or to take the exam. If these conditions suit you, agree and keep your word, so that parents believe that their son is an adult and is able to comply with the contract.
If you have free space in the garage or shed, you can the money to buy a moped, requiring a serious overhaul. Ask the father permission to carry out repair and Assembly work, and get to work with all the thoroughness, not pretending that the room is really something going on. It is possible that your parents finally realize that you really need a moped, and give it to you without talking.

Advice 5: How to register a moped

On the territory of the Russian Federation with the purpose of control and accounting of vehicles obligatory registration of mopeds. This procedure is not a mere duty to the state, it will help you prove, if necessary, their property rights to the vehicle.
How to register a moped
You will need
  • - Document that certifies the identity of the owner of a moped;
  • - Document certifying payment of fees;
  • - Passport moped (if issued);
  • - A document that confirms ownership of a moped (for example, a contract of sale);
  • - A document that confirms your authority in the implementation of the registration of a moped;
  • - The insurance policy on compulsory insurance of vehicles or a civil liability;
  • - Registration marks of a moped or the character "transit", if such is issued;
  • - Evidence that the design of the moped meets the security requirements.
You should contact the registration authority at the place of residence with a passport proving your identity.
In MREO you should get specially designed for the registration forms and fill them.
In the forms necessary to enter data of the owner, the name of the moped model and specify engine number, frame year, as well as the place and time of acquisition of the registered vehicle.
You must sign the document, confirming the data entered. (If necessary, this document will verify your ownership of the moped if you need it in the future).
The inspector checks the numbers that appear on the form with the actual numbers on the bike and writes the TCP.
Bike is assigned and you will receive a state number. You need only to fasten license plates to a vehicle.
In some countries and some regions of the Russian Federation, to become a mandatory procedure of obtaining the certificate of the right of mopeds, and the registration procedure is a first step towards this important step in safe driving. If you do not want unnecessary problems, the registration mopeds must be carried out mandatory. In addition, the management of a moped without registration is a serious violation of the law, which leads to serious penalties-large sizes. It is unlikely that you need extra problems, so it is much more profitable to produce official registration of a moped and safely to enjoy driving this type of vehicle.
Useful advice
Deciding to register or not to register your vehicle, give preference in favor of the first, because this procedure is necessary not only to government officials, in the event of a dispute on the ownership of a moped or theft, you will have more evidence that this is your property. That is why the registration of a moped is so important. Otherwise, law enforcement is unlikely you will be able to help in case of loss of a moped and in other problematic situations.
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