The spark plugs for scooters with two-stroke engine

To use a particular type of candle, deal with the engine model installed on the scooter. Older models had a simplified two-stroke engine. The similarity this had domestic motors. The volume of these engines is very small. Less modern standard of fifty cubic meters.

The cylinder has a motorcycle form, but smaller, commensurate with a chainsaw or trimmer. In this cylinder is screwed the usual spark motorcycle standard diameter. The base of these candles are small, because the two-stroke type of engine uses a mixture of gasoline with a low octane number, for example seventy-six or eighty, and special two-stroke oil peregorela.

It is also possible to use a candle with long base – "the Zhiguli". Just before use, screw on the cap multiple o-rings, about four or five. These candles give the spark more power as it's intended for use on cars.

More new two-stroke model scooters use reduced the candles. They appeared not so long ago, especially for these engines. The candle diameter is much smaller than the standard, the base is pulled out. An important feature of these candles is the fact that it is impossible, as in the previous embodiment, to find an alternative. The size of the thread in the cylinder allows to use only candles and no more.

The positive side of this situation is the inability to make a mistake when choosing candle ignition, negative – low range allows you to upgrade your vehicle. It will be available only after replacing the piston component of the engine. Such scooters refuel with petrol with octane above eighty. Observe the proportions to add oil to the gasoline, otherwise the candle will be the soot deposited.

The spark plugs for scooters with four-stroke engine

On four-stroke engines choose a candle similar to the previous one, only with a bigger cap. The use of this scooter there is no need to fill it with a combustible mixture. It runs on pure gasoline. The o-ring on a candle should only be one.

The same spark plug is used not only on scooters, but some small-displacement Japanese motorcycles. Engine size they average from one hundred twenty five to two hundred cubic meters. The efficiency of such candles is higher, but the lifetime is much shorter. With regular use vehicle Central electrode of the candle burns for a year and a half.