Motorcycle class "Enduro", suitable for off road and crosses are divided into several categories, depending on their performance. An important share in the selection of off-road motorcycle is the experience and preparedness of the driver.

Motorcycles are for riding only on the road

The most technically simplistic, and therefore suitable for any kind of offroad are the sport "Enduro". These motorcycles are no unnecessary details, everything is highly protected from dirt, moisture and dust, however, sport bikes are only suitable for riding on the cross.

On normal roads even with little traffic, riding on motorcycles this subspecies is a danger to the driver and others. Sports "Enduro" difficult to manage and designed for drivers with more experience dirt driving. For motorcycles this class includes: Yamaha TT250R, KLS250 Kawasaki, Suzuki DR-Z400, Yamaha VR etc.

Universal motorcycle

Easier to control and a popular class of motorcycles is "soft-Enduro". These motorcycles suitable for off-road and for driving on paved and concrete surfaces, but the speed of traffic on the cross representatives of the class is much lower than the pure sports models.

To the class of "soft-Enduro" has a large number of well-known and common models. Budget the most popular are the Yamaha TT-R 230 and Honda XL 250 Degree: both bikes have good passing abilities, easily overcome rough terrain and have simple undemanding engine. More powerful models of the "Enduro-soft" have engine capacity of 400 and 600 CC.

"Hard Enduro" is not easy to drive on the road and the conditions of the cross, but also for traveling long distances. Such models combine the convenience of choppers (wide seat, comes with passenger, the installation of the trunk under the Luggage with a classic off-road features such as the ability to ride on any terrain, protected from moisture and dirt details, an opportunity to develop greater speed.

The class of "heavy Enduro" is also designed for experienced drivers with a good physical form and strength as the models have more weight. The best representatives of the subspecies are Honda NX 600 Dominator, Yamaha XTZ 660 Tenere and a Suzuki Freewind. They do an excellent job with the terrain of any kind, from sand to swamp, and at the same time have an enviable reliability.