This car has a very long and a long way to dispute the age-old-fashioned and many other problems. All this and more – the motorcycle.

Motorcycle – vehicle, two-wheeled, the main and important control element of which is the internal combustion engine. It's kind of a Pandora's box of the modern world. After all, this engine produces the world many unpleasant gases that spoil the environment. But before this engine was introduced, there were many disputes and tensions at what is a priority for this vehicle. The answer was found, but a few years later.

It all began in 1865, when technical progress competed from Old and New world. At the same time was invented whole set of discoveries. The engine was the main priority in this world. At this time, two scientists have discovered a new kind of machine, as a result of its innovative initiatives by applying a steam engine. It was the American Roper and the Frenchman Perrault. However, the fact that they also did not fit the framework of society at that time. The engines were a couple, this machine was a rather dangerous mechanism, which at any moment could collapse.

And yet in their samples worked many scientists, creating new and exciting machine. However, because of the flaws that these machines had, the demand for them every day of fall. Twenty years later, a prominent German scientist, Daimler, after experimenting with several samples of the first motorcycle created universal motorcycle, applying to it the internal combustion engine. So there was the modern motorcycle, which is known to this day.

Currently, all motorcycles used internal combustion engines. They are all applied by Daimler, the great German scientist. However, a long time, many scientists strongly opposed the innovation of the Daimler, but they soon agreed on the priority of his car.