All motorcycles with an engine capacity of 1000 CC and above by the manufacturer embeds a speed limiter, not allowing the engine to gain momentum when reaching a certain speed. Disabling the limiter will produce a significant increase of the maximum speed: sportbike class 1000 CC to 300 km/h, in the class > 1000 CC to 340 km/h.
To speed any motorcycle really, and without an increase in engine power. It is necessary to reduce the gear ratio of a transmission, if this allows the engine power. In other words, you need to install chainring sizes (and number of teeth) more and/or back size smaller. For motorcycles stars of various sizes factory-quality can be purchased in stores motozapchastey or markets. To check whether the capacity of the motorcycle to reduce the gear ratio to achieve maximum speed. If in top gear triggered the rpm limiter of the engine, means that it is possible to increase the speed by reducing the gear ratio. It is necessary to consider that the reduction gear ratio will reduce the dynamics of a motorcycle. Changing gear ratios does not affect the resource of the motorcycle.
All other methods of increasing the speed of the bike are inextricably linked with the increase in engine power. Modern motorcycles are well disposed, therefore, to increase the engine power without reducing it resource difficult. For example, by removing environmental constraints. Control electronics programmed achieve minimal harmful components in the exhaust gases. To achieve this using a late starter. Disabling this program gives an increase of power and torque in the first three gears. Of class motorcycles 600 CC add up to 4 HP, class 1000 CC – up to 15 HP For this purpose, special devices with built-in power-off delay ignition and extended unit shutdown delay ignition.
Optimization of the program control unit injector.
Because of the unavoidable tolerances in the manufacture of motorcycles parts, released two of the same motorcycle can vary in capacity up to 5 HP However, management programs are installed injector is the same. Program optimization of injection control for a specific motorcycle with the help of specialized device does not add to the motorcycle power, but straighten the nonlinearity in the deadlift and dips in power.