First, collect all the building material required for a motorcycle. Take the frame from the old "Ural". Also remove the reservoir can from the K-750, two wheels of 16 inches each and the corners. Lights shape drops remove the "Gas" or tractor. Take two carb, front fender, which can be removed from the motorcycle "Voskhod" and the wing boat with Property. Also take "igoski" front. Remove the engine and all the necessary wiring.
Prepare frame for Assembly. Bare frame cover with putty and paint. Don't forget to paint and tank with wings.
Put kerosene in the parts of the bridge box and the engine. After the buff, namely the crankcases of motor, bridge and cap to Shine.
Loop the whole inside of the engine and assemble it back. Please note that when you install the camshaft into the crankcase it should be a combination of scratches on the driving and driven gears, otherwise you'll lose the timing and setting of plugs. When installing the cover distribution of gears check whether it is inserted in the breather – align the flange with the pin hole of the camshaft gear.
Install the clutch. When installing drives make sure that the splines of two clutch driven (friction) discs coincide.
Assemble the gearbox. First insert into the crankcase shaft of the starting mechanism with the gear and a spring. Check the crankcase front with the hole facing up, insert the primary and secondary shafts. Install the final shaft of the starting mechanism.
Assemble the rear suspension. The right one is installed with the rear transmission.
Install the front fork and the steering column. Put it in the column of the frame the bearing ring. Put headlight covers and upper fork brackets. Install the upper cross bar by turning the upper rod nut steering column mounting nuts to the fork tubes to traverse.
Put the seat and attach different attributes, for example, leather.