You will need
  • - protection: helmet, gloves, boots, jacket, back protector;
  • is serviceable bike.
It is difficult to learn the technique of "kozlenev" without falling, so always wear protection. The best option – helmet, gloves, heavy leather jacket, boots and back protector.
Make sure that your motorcycle is in good shape, he easily twisted the throttle, the clutch works fine. It is very important the condition of the rear brakes. Adjust it so that it is as tenaciously clung to the asphalt, and the brake handle was moving freely. To do this, you can pull the cable near the rear wheel.
Find a nice spacious area with quality asphalt away from playgrounds, footpaths, roads and police stations. On the other hand, well, if near is located the hospital.
If you are going to ride on the rear wheel of a small light motorcycle with a powerful engine, try to do without the clutch, just abruptly open and close the gas while driving. The front wheel will rise into the air, and then you will go already on the back.
Not too powerful bike, proceed as follows: find a foot rear brake and accelerate to 30-40 km/h on the quarter gas. Accelerate gently, loading the rear wheel. Then very quickly: squeeze the clutch, hit gas, release clutch.
Squeeze the clutch to the end, just give him the opportunity to spin the motor harder, adding gas will give even more traction. Release the clutch quickly and try at the same time smoothly. In any case, don't throw it sharply, otherwise the front part will jump up.
If something goes wrong, find the rear brake and push it, the front needs to go down. In an extreme case, if the bike started to fall, try to jump sideways to land on you.
Just be prepared for the fact that the first time you will be able just to pull the front wheel up. Practice again and again, each time adding a little gas and a little faster releasing the clutch.
When you learn to raise the front wheel, try to find the balance point. Sooner or later you'll consistently drive in first gear. When that moment comes, you can switch to other programs. This sharply right-hand throw gas, and the toes of the left foot at this time, push the shift lever without touching the clutch.