You will need
  • mechanical workshop medium level of equipment;
  • - good engine IZH Planeta
First Polish the cheek of the crankshaft and give the body hair a streamlined shape. It is a necessary attribute of the training of any two-stroke motor. Then a blow of steel SOHMA or ZOGGS new cheeks of the crank chambers with an outside diameter of 133 mm. Balancing selection under the lower connecting rod end will decrease to 54.5 mm. to compensate for the Imbalance by making holes 28х20 mm from the bottom of the cheek at a distance of 38.5 mm from the center. Hole close duralumin cap.
So the engine is easily spun up to high speed, lighten the crankshaft. For this, his facial cheeks mill so that their diameter decreased from 52 to 40.5 mm. the hole cap of duralumin, zaccanti and Zapolarye them. Upgraded so the shaft balance. All the changes improve the speed of the motor at the expense of smoothness.
To improve the ride and tegometall engine is the crankshaft change crankshaft bearings. In this motor they are a weak part and fall apart quickly. To address this shortcoming, the inner rollers brand 2505К replace two caslifornia to a thickness of 9 mm ball bearing 6205 brand. Install them to the crankcase, heat to 100 degrees and hot insert it in the crankshaft. For supplying lubricant to them will protocide a groove depth of 1 mm in the crankcase at a distance of 17 mm from the ring-stopper of the outer bearing.
Seal the crank chamber from the left and right side of the omentum from the "Java 638". Under the left oil seal of steel grade 45 carved ring on the crankshaft and Polish it outside. With the right hand press into the crankcase roller bearing 42205, caslifornia to 10 mm and install the cover with gasket from IZH-Jupiter. Maloprodaja channels from the crank chamber stop, and instead install two plastic tubes with a diameter of 4-5 mm for the oil supply.
Replace the carb. Soviet athletes put "Mikuni" or 62Д from Izha Planet-Sport. Or famous for their reliability on rough terrain carburettors FS-250, FS-500. Currently, for two-stroke motorcycles you can pick up a more modern tuning the carb.
To improve the operation of the ignition system alternator replace the modern model of the motorcycle "the Owl". If you want to increase the power at high revs, order specialists the production of a new electronic switch. The result will be a significantly more powerful motor with twice the resource.