Become the owner of a motocross bike by simply buying it in the store. In this case, the buyer's requests can be limited only by his financial capacity. However, not always purchased model satisfy the buyer some parameters and then starts the process of finalizing the motorcycle to improve its performance and appearance, known as "tuning". Tuning is especially popular among bikers who give their motorcycles the most incredible exotic look.
The most advanced followers of the sport, and I prefer to do dirtbikes with my hands. You should start with the wheels. To invent from scratch a motorcycle wheel is not worth it, its just you can buy. A well-known standard wheels sport motorcycles – front – 120/70-17 and rear 160/60-17. There are several options to adapt the wheel to his bike to buy rim and make perspicace, and to adapt or sports alloy wheels from sportbike.
If we will go about buying rims, the professionals recommend not to spare money and buy Excel. But it's not the easiest way out, because perspicua is a very troublesome time-consuming exercise, so most craftsmen prefer to adapt ready-made wheels for their offspring. More preferred is the variant with cast wheels, which have greater endurance and durability when riding over rough terrain.
On the racing bikes used basically stock brakes. To increase their reliability it is recommended to increase the diameter of the brake disc or to install a more powerful braking system with a caliper. There are specific requirements for the suspension.
If you transform an ordinary motorcycle in motocross, it is better to put the classic fork with a full range of adjustments. Enough 43 mm size.
The shock absorbers for the suspension the better choice of the stock shock absorbers known motorcycle models with the possibility of attaching them to the frame and the pendulum. You can order the shock absorbers in the factory, but in this case, you must specify the estimated weight of the motorcycle to the dampers were installed the appropriate springs.
A few words about the engine. For a long time, dirtbikes were issued with four-stroke engines. But now, thanks to technological advances and increased capacity, their place is gradually two-stroke engines. If funds allow, then we can recommend CRF, KTM, Kawasaki. But as the experience of domestic inventors, it is possible to improve even the engine is from an old Soviet motorcycle. To increase traction, it is first necessary to reduce losses at the inlet. For this native paper filter, replace the filter with the foam. The other revision is to replace the carb on the other, with great potential, this will ensure the operation of the engine at maximum speed.