You will need
  • silk, special scissors for thin fabrics, thin needle, thread
Choosing a model for sewing blouses of silk, please note that it is not necessary to overload a silk blouse sophisticated cuts and details. It is better to choose the model casual. This fabric looks great when hung free, as if "showing" all its beauty and plasticity.
The first difficulty faced by the tailor is cutting the fabric. The fabric is very slip, and always tries to escape. For cutting slippery and delicate fabrics such as silk, use special scissors that have blades with notches, a cloth is held such as scissors, non-slip and not running away.
Silk has an unpleasant feature to disperse in the seams, so novice seamstresses don't like to work with this fabric. Seams it is possible to strengthen, using a method called "Hong Kong". Take the piece of main fabric, leaving a 1.5 cm allowances for seams. Take the lining pattern, which is used for cutting shelves and back. At the side seam the middle of the back, front and shoulder seams provide extra allowances 1.3 cm total allowances on these joints of the lining will be 2.8 see below how the main parts of the lining, right sides to each other on the shoulder and vertical seams, carefully combining all the cut parts. Be sure to check the operation of the sewing machine on unnecessary pieces of cloth, debugging line. On the sewing machine, set a small stitch length of maximum 2 mm.
The main parts sew details of lining, leaving the recess with a width of 6 millimeters. The seam of the neckline, arm openings and hem Express unprocessed. Then remove the parts on the front side and lay them on the table smoothly.
Lined zautyuzhte folds beyond the edges of the main parts. Thus allowances will be inside the folds. Sew all the details, as usual. This treatment of the seams, all the slices will be hidden inside the lining. And they'll look simply amazing.
Beautiful fit blouse from silk adjacent silhouette can provide cover or lining. Although you can achieve a beautiful effect, using as cover the same cloth.
Do not scribble on silk across the pins, as the fabric can stay in the holes. If the fabric is very thin and delicate, while the stitching is placed under the tissue thin paper such as tissue. When working with silk you should use a very fine needle. In this case, your silk blouse is not only compelling, but also good.