You will need
  • -lightweight thin fabric
  • -satin ribbon
  • -thread-elastic band
  • -sewing machine
The sizes are calculated for the chest girth of about 95-100 cm is Cut from the fabric 2 rectangle with a size of 50 to 95 cm For convenience, draw on at a distance of about 1.2 cm from each other 14 parallel lines with a ruler.
On the bobbin winding thread-a rubber band with a little tension, insert it into the machine. From above ■ common thread. Attracive all drawn lines. Then stitch around the edges to secure the gum.
Fold the back and front, right sides inside and sew. Edge treated. The bottom bends and stitching. The hem is desirable to make as small as possible so as not to burden the bottom of a topic.
From strips, cut 4 cut 45 cm Measured 15 cm from the side seam and tack the ribbon under the hem edge. Also come with all the other ribbons. Further bends the entire top edge of the top and stitch. Ready!