How to make a dress pattern-shirt

For making dress patterns dresses at any appropriate pattern shirt straight cut. Extend the pattern of shelves and back to the desired length of the product. The remaining elements need not be modified since this model has the same buckle, collar, and sleeves as ordinary shirts.

Fabric for sewing dress along the fold face inside. Attach the pattern and trace along the contours. Cut out the details, leaving 1.5 cm on all the slices of the allowances for seams and start sewing.

Tailoring of the front

Front detail dress-shirt, overlap each other, combining all of the slices, and sew down the middle to the level of the clasp. Spread the seam and zautyuzhte it right along with tselnokrajnie a facing zipper.

To the left side buckles of the front pristrochite facing. Fold it inside out. Straps for closure will attrocity along. The right part of the front will attrocites across the end of the zipper, grabbing the left edge. On the right side of the sewn loop.

Tailoring backless

The details of the back from the wrong side will astrocyte pleat from upper edge to the mark. The pleats lay in the direction of the sides. Sweeps them along the upper edge of the backrest.

Attach details of the yoke to the front and purl the back side and sew it all together. Will attrocity along the seam primaqiune. In the same way sew the yoke to the shelves. Next, sew the sides of the dress-shirt. Make the appointment and specify the line of openings and the length of the product.

Tailoring the collar

Detail for upper part of the duplicate collar interlining. Fold it with the bottom part, right sides together and stitch detail on the outer slices. Below the collar in the finished product looked carefully, and we need to cut allowances close to the stitching and cut corners diagonally. Collar turn on the front side, carefully smooth the seam and priutyuzhte.

Details stand fold right sides inwards. Between them, insert the collar, combining slices, and sew the parts together. Remove the rack and lay the stitching along the top of the slices. Techtite the lower edge of the rack in the neck. On the right side of the rack, handle loop for the clasp.

Tailoring of the sleeves and handle the bottom of the dress-shirt

Follow the seams on the sleeves. Allowances on the hem zautyuzhte on the wrong side and pull up on the machine. Details will pripasayte on aratam. To do this, lay a wide line from one label to another close to the outlet. Slightly loose seam, moisten it and proutyuzhte.
Vacate sleeve in the armhole.

On the left side of the zipper sew buttons. Try on the dress, buttoned it. Once again verify the length of the bottom.

Cut fold inside 2 times. Make a fitting. Line the left and right of the shelves should match perfectly. Stitch the hem, or hem it by hand the seam. Remove the basting and press the product.