You will need
  • cloth;
  • - graph paper;
  • pencil;
  • - the range;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - needle;
  • - thread.
Remove the measurements. You need to know poluobhvat chest, the sleeve length from the neck to the lower edge, poluobhvat neck length, the length of the yoke and poluobhvat of the wrist or the hands of where to end the sleeve. Poluobhvat neck, divide by 2.
Put a sheet of graph paper vertically. Put at the intersection of the left white edge, and one of the thick lines point A. Aside from it to the right 1/2 poluobhvat neck. Select the point B. From it to the right will put the sleeve length and mark the point marked B. From point b down put poluobhvat wrist. This will be the point G.
From point A down aside the length of the yoke. Put a point D. measure From it to the right poluobhvat chest. You get the point E. Connect points E and G by a straight line. Find the middle and mark the point O. it will put up a perpendicular, mark on it of 15-17 cm, and denote it as O1. Through the points E, G and O1 of the arc, the convex part of which is directed to the left.
The neck on the back is a little less than on the shelf. Therefore, for a pattern make a drawing for the back and when cutting widen the cutout on the shelf 2 cm From the point And put down 4 see the resulting point connect point B of the arc. Cut out the pattern..
For belt take a rectangle whose length is full waist, plus 2-3 cm free customized fit, plus allowances for seams. Calculate the width, subtracting from the total length of the blouse length of the yoke. Multiply the result by 2 and add allowances.
Fold the cloth 4 times. Line the middle shelves (or back, as you like) must coincide with the fold equity. Depending on the variant of the pattern the shoulder line or combine with either cross-thread or cut it out shoulder at an angle. Draw around the pattern, leaving a small seam.
Cut out the details. There should be 2. Determine which is front and which is back. On the shelf, increase by 2 cm neck. You can make the center back slit to make it easier to handle bake the neck.
Fold belt in half lengthwise right side out. Zautyuzhte fold. Try on the belt. If necessary, mark the locations for the side recesses. This is usually required if Flirty short. Will astrocyte undercut.
Treat the neck with bias binding. If you have done the cutaway back, astrocyte it. Add up the parts, aligning the side sections. Baste the shelf with back and sostrochite.
Prostrochite the yoke on the bottom using large stitches or sew manually, seam "forward needle". In the second case, it is necessary to make the stitches smaller. Will the yoke structure. Baste to her belt, evenly distributing the folds. Sew the waistband.
Treat the bottom of the sleeves. If they are long enough, they simply sew on bent 2 times on the wrong side. Is that the fabric is narrow, and the sleeve you want to do genuine. Take a break and sew a cuff of the desired length.