You will need
  • - knitted fabric;
  • - sewing supplies.
Sew the top with your hands is not difficult, even for novice dressmakers because it refers to clothing with no patterns, that is, layout details are being worked out directly on the fabric without making the preliminary drawing.

Take a rectangular piece of knitted fabric with the width equal to the volume of the breast or 3-5 cm smaller as the fabric stretches and the top is close-fitting figure. The length of the cut should equal the length of the finished product plus 2 cm and the bending bottom edge and 2 cm at the finish of the upper.
Fold the fabric in half length, right sides and sew. You get a flat "bag" without a bottom.
Select the location of the seam. If it was on its side, can be a little prioraty fabric, pulling the thread of one stitch, then on the side you will see a small drape. If the seam is assumed on the back, you can not dostraivat it to the bottom 5-7 cm, you get a Flirty back slit and a loose fit in the thighs.
Hem the bottom edge. Tuck top 2 cm and prostrochite. Get the sleeve to put the rubber band or elastic band.
Take two strips of main fabric with a length of 40-45 cm and a width of 4-5 cm are the future of straps. Fold each in half along the length right sides and prostrochite. Remove there.
Sew the straps in front at chest level, and on the back a little closer to the center, then they will not subside. You can sew one shoulder, which is in the form of a loop is sewn on the center front and is worn around the neck.
If the top of the evening, it can be decorated with sequins and coloured threads. If the top of the youth for a stroll – it will look good applique or embroidery. If the top will be used as bed linen, be appropriate to trim the bottom and top edge of the lace.