Pick a suitable fabric of the desired size and fold it four times. Measure the distance from the base of the neck through the protruding point of the chest to the lower part of your chest and mark this distance down from the corner. Add 2-3 cm to the length.
Then draw a curved smooth line to outline the width of the sleeve. If you want to lengthen the sleeve, you can sew in the cuffs.
On the rear half of the fabric make the center of the vertical incision and cut out the neckline. The lower part of the jacket consists of two trapezoidal shapes, the bottom line which is equal to the circumference of the hips, which added several inches to freedom fit.
The upper part of the jacket — bottom band, to which is also added allowances for a customized fit.
Do light Assembly on the bottom of the yoke, sew it to the bottom sector of the jacket is fitted through the hips. The neck panel with braid or piping. All free edge of the fabric treated with a zigzag or overlock and hem.
Such a jacket will be nice and loose to lie on the figure, but if you want to make it more tight, vsheyte in the rear portion of the back zipper, or sew a jacket of stretch fabric or knit.