You will need
  • Cotton Jersey, centimeter, thread, serger, sewing machine.
First you need to take the measurements: length of shirt, bust, hips, waist. To draw on paper patterns. Patterns of the back and front are virtually identical. You need to draw a rectangle where the length of a rectangle is the length of shirt, width of the breast volume. Free fit allow 3-4 cm
The rectangle to draw the appropriate markup in place of the waist to draw inside a smooth concave line, as if "pritalen rectangle. If the hip measurement is much larger than the volume of the chest, gradually to extend the pattern down a few inches. To impose patterns on one another and apply a neckline. For simplicity and precision the neck back and front to cut your old t-shirt. All patterns are ready.
Before cutting out the fabric needs to be folded in half, face inward. Pattern to put on fabric strictly according to the knit columns, using them as an equity line. The seams add 1.5 inch for the bottom hem 4 inches. Carefully pin the pattern to the fabric with sewing pins. Carve out carefully with sharp scissors, being careful not to move the pattern with knitted fabrics.
After you cut out the parts to sew on the overlock machine. First, sew the shoulder seams. Then sew side seams, leaving 20-25 cm unsewn for armholes. Then in the sewing machine to insert the double needle. To turn on the wrong side of the seam of the neckline and armholes about one centimeter, tack. The bottom of the t-shirt remove 3 cm, tack.

Carefully priotity bends. Then double needle to pristroit swept up on the wrong side of bends. Ironed product.