You will need
  • Pattern;
  • - Fabric cotton, linen or silk;
  • - Interlining;
  • - Sewing machine;
  • - Needle and thread;
  • - Graph paper.
Remove the measurements. You need to know poluobhvat chest, neck, length, sleeve length, shoulder length. Make pattern. If you have no special patterns for shirt, do not worry. You probably already have a basic pattern that you sewed a dress. If not, do – it will come in handy not only for tops-shirts, but also for making many other things. Patterns build shelves, back and sleeves.
Decide whether you want to sew a blouse a La the shirt or something more feminine. For the first option simply not to take into account the undercut at the waist. You don't even have to do breast recess, if you want shirt free style. For a more feminine style model the pattern – for example, remove the undercut and make a blouse with reliefs. You can modify the sleeve, turning it into a long or short "flashlight". Don't forget that on the shelves must stay of 5-7 cm at the clasp.
Fold the fabric in half at the stake and lay out the details. You should now have 2 parts of the shelves and the sleeves, which should be symmetrical to each other. For shirt casual need 1 detail of the back, folded in half. Make some cuffs. The classic shirt they are rectangular, with a width of 14-20 cm and a length of 26-30 cm don't forget that cuffs are made double and cut their equity. Take 2 parts of the rack and 2 parts of the collar. Don't forget about the seam.
Prepare the top part of the collar stand and cuffs – will strengthen their interlining. Fold together pairs of items and align them. Fold details of collar right sides to each other, slip the upper part relative to the bottom down about 2 mm and chipped parts with a pin in the center. Baste and stitch detail. Remove and Tutuila collar.
Fold together right sides items stand, how their pins and sew along the side seams. Baste and sew the collar to the rack. Then proutyuzhte seams, turn the entire structure on the front side. Will attrocity the rack and the collar.
Fold the right sides of each of the cuffs. Sweeps them, sew, iron seams and turn. Will attrocity cuff, departing from the edge of 0.5 cm Can be make as cuffs with buttons and cufflinks. To make cuffs with cufflinks, cut slits for the hinges. They can be both vertical and horizontal. Sewn loop overlock stitch or manual stitch. For cuffs with buttons, make one loop so that they are located symmetrically.
Prepare shelves. Fold the edges intended for fasteners and proutyuzhte. Baste and sew the shoulder recess on the back. If you decide to leave undercut on the chest, and sew them.
Fold 1 item shelves and back, right sides together. Baste the side and shoulder seams. Do the same with the second part of the shelves. Proutyuzhte seams. Baste and sew seams sleeves. Align the seam of each sleeve with the side seam of the shirt, vmlite and vacate both sleeves.
Find the center of the neckline of the back and the middle of the rack sleeve. Combine them and cleave the pin. Fold over collar and shirt right sides together. Baste and sew to neckline first outer side of the bar. Tutuila seam. Fold the lower section of the inner side of the rack. Can ACC to baste, to get more smooth. Baste the rack, trying to get right in the seam, which is obtained by skiving the outer side of the rack with the basic details of the shirt, then sew the counter.
Sew cuffs. First, baste and sew the outside, then the inside, in the same way as you did when sewing on the rack.
Treat the seams with a serger or by hand. Cut the shelf on the right loop and process them. On the left side of the shelves sew buttons.