You will need
  • - knitted fabric width 150 cm (2 lengths);
  • - graph paper;
  • - sewing supplies and sewing machine.
To make a blouse with sleeves "bat", draw a simple pattern on the attached diagram (Fig. 1). For its creation it is necessary to take multiple measurements: chest girth, hip girth, wrist girth, length, sleeve width and length (in this case measured from the cut a slightly extended neck "pumps").
Patterns of the back and shelves differ only in the depth of the neck. In order not to duplicate on paper almost the same pattern, on the pattern of the back draw and a deeper front cut line of the neck and then use this pattern for cutting shelves, but directly on the fabric to draw in-depth neckline shelves.
Fold the fabric in half along the equity line. Pin to fabric pins cutting out the back and circle her tailor's chalk. All slices except the slice of the neck, add 1 cm for seams. The cut of the neck make allowance 2 see Take the detail back and then in the same way will have plenty of detail shelves.
Take remaining piece of fabric two cuffs (if they are provided by the model) in the form of rectangles with a width of 12 cm and a length equal to the circumference of the wrist plus 2-4 cm (depending on the desired freedom of the fit). The width of the cuff in the finished form – 6 see Give allowance 1 cm on all the slices.
Fold back panels of shelves and right sides and baste the shoulder and side sections. Please note that the pattern and the scheme of tailoring fit only for knit fabrics. If you sew from a non-elastic fabric, you will need to find a blouse considering the clasp on the neck or along the entire length of the product, or to make the collar "swing".
Sew seams (see tip) and treat the slices on the serger. Priutyuzhte seams using wet protohellenic or iron with removable sole.
Treat the cut of the neck seam to itagiba with a shut cut: double-tuck seam allowance of 1 cm, carefully baste and lay the double needle stitching along the neck. Also the neck can be treated podkralas the facing (separate piece, to cut out the shape of the neck) or piping. Priutyuzhte neck.
Duplicate cuff interlining and sew short sections each, Ratatouille allowances. Fold each cuff in half wrong side inside.
Bottom of sleeves fold over cuffs with face-to-face, combining slices. Excessive length hem sleeveless brisbanite, evenly distributing it along the length of the cuff, and baste sleeve. Route engine line, treat cuts on the serger and zautyuzhte allowances up. Sleeves can also be assembled on elastic band.