You will need
  • - knitted fabric — 50 cm;
  • - old knit shirt or top;
  • - tailor's chalk;
  • - reps ribbon to match the fabric;
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - a sewing machine.
Tops it is recommended to sew from light elastic fabric. It may be thin, but fairly dense knitted cloth, such as oil, as well as other stretch materials that drape well and stretch.
Take a piece of cloth with a length of approximately 0.5 m (size can vary depending on the length of the top and your size). Fold it so that the front side was on the inside, and slices in the middle, i.e. the result should have 2 fold on both sides of the fabric.
To find top right on the material. As a pattern you can use an old knit shirt or top that sits well on your figure. Fold the thing in half and attach to one of the folds of the fabric. Draw a tailor's chalk, along the contours of the back of the product. Then flip the shirt and attach to the fold on the opposite side and draw the thing on the contours of the shelves.
The details of the cut, leaving 1 cm allowances for seams. Make some piping. For this cut oblique bakey — wide strips 1.5-2 cm, cut at an angle of 45 degrees. You can now start sewing the top.
Add up the parts shelves and backs, right sides together. To the shoulder sections apply REP tape and sew them. This technique will help the product not to stretch during wear. Slices treat overlong seam with tape.
Follow the side seams. Sew special stitch for knitted fabrics or narrow zigzag stitch with a height of about 1 mm. Slices also treat overlong seam.
Obtachku fold in half, and then fold the edges inward. Carefully press the item. Attach it to the neck, inserting a cut inside the element. However, tailor's pins, positioning them across the weld and prostrochite on a typewriter. Try to make the line as straight as possible. In the same way treat yourself and armholes.
The lower section of the top of the handle overlong seam, fold to the wrong side. Baste and stitch on the sewing machine so that the seam was located at a distance of 1-2 mm from the edge. The hem proutyuzhte.