Sometimes there is a desire to sew some fashionable thing myself. For example, the original t-shirt, which the others don't. In principle, it is not so difficult. Enough to be able to hold a needle in hand.

Thinking about select source materials

First you need to think about the model. Will the t-shirt tight or loose, what you wear, what accessories to combine.

Based on this you need to choose the suitable material and accessories. It is advisable to choose a fabric that will not Ravel when cut, as lay people, it would be difficult exactly to neaten the edges and straight stitch seams. Why satin and silk is better left for later. But viscose or cotton in combination with elastane is fine.

How to cut

You can perform the classic cut, to measure, to line drawing and make a pattern, which is then cut to the future t-shirt. For this you will need the following measurements: - poluobhvat waist, poluobhvat chest, poluobhvat neck, reach shoulder length.

But there is an easier way. It is relevant in that case, if the t-shirt will be free or oblique cut. You just need to gently spread out on the floor of his old t-shirt or blouse to outline her with chalk. On the basis of the drawing, it will be very easy to tailor a new thing.

From casual has its advantages – you can design some original item, e.g. the slot on the back or sleeve "bat". But you never know what? Imagination will transform your homemade t-shirt into a work of art. The main thing is to ensure that all seams were flat and nothing was sticking out, then get the design of the thing.


The most interesting sewing – decorating. That's what makes the thing unique. T-shirt you can draw anything. In the course of going and the flowers and large colorful buttons, and appliques and even fur. The main thing – do not overdo it. Skillfully decorated t-shirt will look nice and trendy. For example, if you decided to decorate it a major element, then let it be one. It is better if it is placed on the chest, shifted a little to the side. A little tip: when you wear a t-shirt, it is better to collect hair in a bun or ponytail.

Small details will look elegant if their correct place. You can sew sequins. They are well grouped in the application or scatter rare rows across the surface. Well it will look like the stones adorning the neckline or a sleeve. You can sew and shoulder straps.

And you can do nothing to decorate. Enough to pick up a suitable ornament, which can change every time.