How to choose the material for the tapered skirt

Before you sew a pencil skirt, it is necessary to pay due attention to the choice of fabric. Choosing the right colors will help to emphasize the dignity and hide figure flaws. Thus, full women should choose a monochromatic fabric or with a small figure; soft, well-draped bright or shiny fabrics will only fit the young and slender girls.

If the pencil skirt is meant for evening walks, trips to restaurants, night clubs or on friendly parties, it is appropriate will look denim, velvet or brocade fabrics, artificial or genuine leather. Beginners to the needle, it is recommended to pay attention to quality knitwear.

How to sew a simple pencil skirt without a pattern

To sew a stylish and elegant skirt with your hands without the construction of the pattern, you will need a piece of knitted fabric, wide elastic band and any skirt with a good fit.

Knitted fabric is folded in half, face side inside, it features a skirt, acting as a sample pattern. Skirt round the outline with chalk and cut out leaving a small seam allowance. To model took the form of a pencil skirt slightly tauziat in the lower part so that the upper and lower cut tissue had almost the same width.

Fitting and shutdown

During the fitting, you must ensure that the skirt has a good fit, beautifully fitted through the hips, but not too tight buttocks. In this case, it is recommended on the back panel of the skirt to make a shallow tuck. Usually tuck in the hollows of the back, located on both sides of the spine.

The only smatyvay seam and stitch on the machine, if necessary, treating the fabric with a serger. From gum measure out a piece equal to the tight waist, and then connecting the cut edges machine stitching.

A ring of gum is combined with the upper seam pencil skirt, fix a few tailor's pins, namachivajut and stitch on the sewing machine using a zigzag seam. Then turn the elastic to the wrong side and point fix in several places.