Take the necessary measurements: length to the waist, circumference of wrist, circumference of neck, bust and waist, length, sleeve, hip, back width. Note that all horizontal measurements are recorded in half-size.
Before you cut, it is necessary to make a drawing on withdrawn standards on paper.
Once you have made the pattern based on the drawing, cut out a blouse from a fabric, considering the direction of the grain lines and not forgetting to allow for the seam.
After cutting the parts namedevice. Vymatyvanii Darts on the back, waist and shoulder. Departs from the cutout of Rostock 5 cm, at a right angle down delay of 8-10 cm and take a tuck in the difference of the shoulder with shelf 2 -1.5 cm
Tuck zautyuzhte towards the middle of the back. Also zamatyvaetsya tuck on the front. Breast tuck zamatyvaetsya from the narrow region to the wide.
Aligning the shoulder seams, right sides inside, Setevaya the product back. However, if not done tuck, the shoulder backless need to pripasayte 1.5 see Fit to start to do from the neck and do not reach the openings 3 see Most fit to run in the middle of this area. Shoulder seams grind from the front.
In the products of stretchable fabrics when stitching the shoulder sections from the front guide edge, or a band below the shoulder seam not stretched.