You will need
  • - sewing machine;
  • cloth;
  • - detachable zipper;
  • - thread to match the fabric;
  • - 2 buttons.
For sewing blouses easy blusoul select the fabric that holds shape. Cutting two items of shelves, sides of shelves, back, side back, sleeve, collar, stand collar and podbora. Leave for allowances on cross-sections, on the hem of bottom of sleeves and seams at 1.5 cm on the hem of the bottom of the shelves and backs – 2.5 cm.
Each shelf preberite along the line of the raised seam. Follow Princess seams on the shelves and the back. Will attrocity close to the seams on the sides. Pad middle seam of the back and side seams.
Stitch sleeves. Allowances on the hem of bottom of sleeves zautyuzhte on the wrong side. The bottom edge of the sleeves will attrocity for kuliak. Pass in the drawstring stretches the elastic and Topstitch. The length of the drawstring should be in finished form to be equal to 6 cm. Hem bottom of sleeves on the site without kulisek Topstitch. Vsheyte sleeve in the open sections of shelves and backs.
Podborta with a blouse fold the right sides, pin and sew the sections of the boards. Allowance for the bottom hem and podborta Unscrew the inside out. Priutyuzhte edges and remove the basting along the edges of the boards. Each of the halves of the zipper baste under the edge of the side shelves so that were not visible teeth. Then baste podborta to laces zipper and attrocity at a distance of 0.7 cm Attrocity blouse 2 cm above the bottom edge.
Priutyuzhte strip to the top collar. Details of the collar fold over front and stitch on the outer slices, then turn and priutyuzhte. Fold the right sides of the rack, attaching between the upper edge of the collar. Stitch the front and top sections of the rack, from the laying of the seam exactly at the line of vrachevanie. External detail vsheyte in the neck. Will attrocity stand collar to the edge of the contour.
Sewn loop on the ends of collar and sew to the shelves on the button, laying on the wrong side of a piece of fabric.