The halter neckline should be modeled on the special pattern-based blouse. The pattern must be made according to your size.

On the pattern front blouse you need to migrate your chest tuck in the neckline. Then from the shoulder is delayed approximately two centimeters on the neck and the patterns is a new line of neck front blouse. From the waist line should push down on 13 and 15 inches. After that, draw the bottom of the front mold and cut the line.

As for the American armholes on the back, it is modeled much simpler. You'll need to defer from shoulder at neckline two inches and draw a line from the halter neckline on the back. Then shorten and widen the blouse on the bottom, draw a line on the patterns, a bit of her scrugli. Don't forget to build the back cuff with a fold in the center.

From the previously prepared knitted fabric should be cut out: one part of the front side of the blouse, two back panels of a blouse, cuffs, front and back of blouse. You should also carve out a strip of cloth to handle the neck width of 15 inches. Note that stitching blouse halter should be only on the elastic overlock stitch.

First you need to sew the side seams of the blouse together, not forgetting to process the allowances of seams. Then overlain seam processed cutouts for halter, backless and front of blouse. Allowance the middle of the back also need to handle overlock. The middle seam of a back stitch sew a knitting needle on a conventional sewing machine. Allowances Ratatouille in different directions.
Bottom of the blouse should be prisborivat to the length of the cuff, and the cuff of the back and front sew on the short side. Be sure to fold them in half face outward. Fold the cuff with the bottom edge of the blouse, cleave on control labels and stitch on the serger, a little stretching. Simultaneously, you need to pretrazivati cuff and processing allowances.

Stripes to collar fold into two parts face inward and sew on the meek side, and then turn on the front side. Backless front is a little prisborivat and fold the neckline front and back with collar. Pristrochite their overlong seam and cut away the excess fabric. Do not forget to handle allowances. The edges of the collar you can also sew the finished ribbon of the loops, and on the other hand, small buttons in tone. Here's how you can learn how to sew a blouse with a halter neckline.