You will need
  • - 1-1. 5 m easy, gently draped fabric;
  • - sewing supplies.
Pick up the material for sewing blouses. Suitable light plutonia fabrics such as Batiste, chiffon, crepe de Chine, fine knit, viscose, silk and so on.
One of the most simple models — the summer blouse from square pieces of fabric. It can be made from any cotton material, silk or two shawls.
Take 2 a square with sides of 60-70 cm (depending on your size). Fold the scarves in half and mark the middle. Aside from her 15 cm each side for the neck and take a few stitches at a distance of 5 cm.
Determine the line of openings. Put the design on yourself and mark the desired width of the sleeve. Fold the details right sides together and lay the line from the lower edge up to the mark. Treat the side sections overlain seam or stitching "zig-zag".
The neckline and armholes panel with bias binding. The lower section of the tuck 2 times and delay at a distance of 1 mm from the bend. If you are sewing a blouse from scarves, to handle the slices is not necessary.
Blouse with sleeves cut Dolman fashion for several decades. This cut suited ladies with a different complexion, and to cut out and sew its pretty easy.
Measure the circumference of the hips, the wrist, the desired length of the blouse and the size of the arm from the base of the neck to the wrist. Fold the piece of fabric in half lengthwise sections face inward, and then once more in half along the edges of the material. Place the fabric so that the fold was on the right side of you.
Build the pattern directly on the fabric. From the upper right corner put down 2 cm and left side — 10 cm connect the dots smooth line, forming the neck. To the left she put off the measure of an arm's length. Check the box down from this point draw a straight line equal to half the measurements of the girth of the wrist.
Along the fold from the neckline put down the measure of the length of the blouse. To the left of this point set aside ¼ measurements of thigh girth. Connect this mark with the point of the lower part of the sleeve smooth, slightly concave line. Cut out detail, leaving 1.5 cm on all the slices of the allowances for seams and the hem bottom of the sleeves and the bottom of the product.
Expand the workpiece to cut blouse Dolman. Sew the side line. The neck finish with a facing.
The lower part of the sleeves and the hem fold on the wrong side of the first 0.5 cm then another 1 cm hem on the sewing machine or manually hidden seam.