Advice 1: How to sew a blouse

Blouse — must-have women's wardrobe. Sew it with his own hands will be a force even novice needlewoman, after all, to manufacture, simple in cut products require basic stitching skills and very little fabric.
How to sew a blouse
You will need
  • - 1-1. 5 m easy, gently draped fabric;
  • - sewing supplies.
Pick up the material for sewing blouses. Suitable light plutonia fabrics such as Batiste, chiffon, crepe de Chine, fine knit, viscose, silk and so on.
One of the most simple models — the summer blouse from square pieces of fabric. It can be made from any cotton material, silk or two shawls.
Take 2 a square with sides of 60-70 cm (depending on your size). Fold the scarves in half and mark the middle. Aside from her 15 cm each side for the neck and take a few stitches at a distance of 5 cm.
Determine the line of openings. Put the design on yourself and mark the desired width of the sleeve. Fold the details right sides together and lay the line from the lower edge up to the mark. Treat the side sections overlain seam or stitching "zig-zag".
The neckline and armholes panel with bias binding. The lower section of the tuck 2 times and delay at a distance of 1 mm from the bend. If you are sewing a blouse from scarves, to handle the slices is not necessary.
Blouse with sleeves cut Dolman fashion for several decades. This cut suited ladies with a different complexion, and to cut out and sew its pretty easy.
Measure the circumference of the hips, the wrist, the desired length of the blouse and the size of the arm from the base of the neck to the wrist. Fold the piece of fabric in half lengthwise sections face inward, and then once more in half along the edges of the material. Place the fabric so that the fold was on the right side of you.
Build the pattern directly on the fabric. From the upper right corner put down 2 cm and left side — 10 cm connect the dots smooth line, forming the neck. To the left she put off the measure of an arm's length. Check the box down from this point draw a straight line equal to half the measurements of the girth of the wrist.
Along the fold from the neckline put down the measure of the length of the blouse. To the left of this point set aside ¼ measurements of thigh girth. Connect this mark with the point of the lower part of the sleeve smooth, slightly concave line. Cut out detail, leaving 1.5 cm on all the slices of the allowances for seams and the hem bottom of the sleeves and the bottom of the product.
Expand the workpiece to cut blouse Dolman. Sew the side line. The neck finish with a facing.
The lower part of the sleeves and the hem fold on the wrong side of the first 0.5 cm then another 1 cm hem on the sewing machine or manually hidden seam.

Advice 2: How to sew a blouse out of handkerchief

The construction of dress patterns is often almost the most difficult stage in the process of tailoring. However, sometimes you can do without preliminary drawing. To stitch a blouse from scarves, enough to draw all 4 lines directly on the fabric.
How to sew a blouse out of handkerchief
Take two large square shawl. Their size must be identical and be at least a meter diagonally. Using a measuring tape and measure the distance from your waist to a point below the clavicles on 2-3 see the same cut measure from the back.
Lay both of the handkerchief on the table so that their corners coincide with the vertical and horizontal axes (i.e., it will not be square, and rhombus). On the shawl, which will be the front of the blouse, start from the lower angle of 10 cm and place tailor's chalk dot. From this point on the vertical axis put up the removed measurements (front length to the waist line). Through this point draw a horizontal line parallel to the horizontal axis, from edge to edge of handkerchief. The same line will draw through the bottom point on the waist line.
Define the width of the blouse. For this measure poluobhvat chest and add the required number of inches if you want the clothes came out free. Mark this distance on the two horizontal segments and slide them perpendicular to the vertical line. On them lay the line on the sewing machine. Thus the lateral corners of the shawl must remain on the outside of the blouse. At the level of the waist line on the sides vsheyte one loop order then it is possible to insert the belt.
Pick up the two silk ribbons, suitable color to the scarf. m. They will replace the straps. Pristrochite two straps at the upper horizontal line to the back of the blouse. The front on the same level sew a button, button, hook or Velcro. The second part of the selected accessories clip on the end of both straps.
Remove the product on the front side and try on the blouse. The upper corners of the handkerchief will fall in front and behind, creating an unusual drape. At waist level it is necessary to intercept the blouse with a thin belt, threading it in the prepared loop.
The colors of the scarves for the front and back of the blouse may be the same or different (in this case, ensure that the colors and patterns of scarves in harmony).
Useful advice
Shifting the upper corners of the handkerchief to the right or left of the vertical axis, you will sew asymmetrical blouse, revealing one shoulder.

Instead of a belt, you can use the gum to do the waist drawstring.
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