Dial short number 0500, to enable forwarding of calls, if you are a subscriber of the mobile operator "MegaFon". There is a small disadvantage to this number, you can call only with a mobile phone. If you need to use public phone to connect the call forwarding, then dial the number 5077777.
If this service is no longer necessary, you can disable it by calling the same numbers. You can also activate the service call forwarding via USSD commands. For example: **(the corresponding code of the activated service)*(phone number on which it will be distributed)# and call. If you want to disable forwarding, dial ##002# and call key. All service codes that are inserted in the USSD requests, you can see on the official website of "MegaFon".
Do the following to enable forwarding, if you are a customer of the operator "Beeline". Dial **21*(mobile number Beeline)# and call. This request will establish a full redirect to your mobile number. I.e., the forwarding service will be active all the time.
If you want to divert is switched on only in the case of, if the number is busy now, please dial **67*(number of mobile phone Beeline)# and call. If you want to disable forwarding, dial ##67#(mobile phone number Beeline)# and call.
Enter the phone number of the customer support center – 8-800-333-0890 if you are a subscriber of "MTS". Wait till you're connected to an operator who will ask him to connect you with the redirection service. You can also use USSD queries or one of the systems: "SMS assistant", "Internet assistant", "Mobile assistant".
To enable full forwarding, dial **21*(mobile number of MTS)# and call. To enable partial forwarding, dial **67*(the number of the mobile phone MTS)# and call. To disable call forwarding, dial ##002# and call.