Subscribers who use the services of the "MegaFon" to abandon the service can either contact the salon, or by calling customer service. If you want to use the second method, enter the mobile phone number 0500. By the way, the operator provides the opportunity to call customer service and public telephone. To do this, dial the number 5077777. It should be noted that these numbers service is not only disabled, but is activated.
By the way, "MegaFon" provides its customers not to disable the whole service as a whole, and only a single view of installed forwarding. To do this, press on the phone keypad two of the # sign, enter the appropriate call forwarding code again, dial # and press the call button. If you want to see the code you have connected services, visit the official website of the company. There you will find the cost of using "Forwarding" and disable it. Keep in mind that the final price is in accordance with the rates of your tariff. There is another USSD-room, through which you can completely disable the service is the code ##002#.
If you are a subscriber of the network "MTS", then you can cancel the service through the following self-service "Mobile Assistant", "Internet Assistant" or "SMS-Assistant". Detailed information about each of them easy to find on the website of the operator Besides, you can always call our Contact Center operator (dial 8-800-333-0890). To manage the service "call Forwarding", the client may, using USSD-command: ##002#.
For each type of call forwarding operator "Beeline" has established a private room. Let's say you used the one that was switched on when busy. In this case, dial USSD-request **67*phone number# and send it to the operator.