You will need
  • - the mobile phone.
Configure forwarding of calls to Utel to accept incoming mobile phone calls to any number you specify, whether urban, mobile, long-distance or international number. Calls to the old number will not be received, and the service is active even when the device is switched off. To activate call forwarding to Utel do it via your phone menu.
Select the type of call forwarding that you can use in Utel: unconditional (in this case, all calls arriving on your mobile will be diverted to a specified number); call forwarding if phone is busy (you will never miss an important call in the case of the code you were talking on the phone and you could not get through, the call transferred to another number); call forwarding if the subscriber does not answer (incoming call will be transferred to another number if it goes unanswered for twenty seconds); forwarding, if the phone is not available (if your phone is out of range or turned off, aktiviziruyutsya forwarding).
Activate the forwarding service, in the case where the number is not answering. For this enter from your mobile phone code *61* "Enter the phone number to which you want to forward calls to" #, hit the call button. Activate call forwarding if phone is unavailable or turned off.
To do this, type the command from your mobile *62* "Enter the number to which calls will be forwarded" #, press the call button. To activate call forwarding if phone is busy, enter mobile code *67* "Enter the phone number of the recipient of diverted calls" #, press the green button.
To check the status of call forwarding dial *#61 or 62 or 67 (depending on type), green key. To cancel call forwarding to Utel, dial from your mobile phone code #61/62/67#, press the call button.