You will need
  • phone
To install the service "call Forwarding" in mobile network MegaFon, call the duty operator of the customer service Department at the following telephone number: 507-7777, mobile phone 0500.
Enter the following command to set the forwarding service: "**, service code call forwarding, * phone number #". To cancel call forwarding, dial " ##, service code redirect #". To cancel all forwarding connected, type "##002#".
Use the following codes to services forwarding: the code "21" - unconditional forwarding; code "61" - forwarding occurs when there is no reply; code "62" - call forwarding if you cannot connect; the code "67" - forwarding is enabled only if the phone is busy.
The phone number for forwarding enter in international format according to the following scheme: +7, area code, subscriber's number (no spaces or other separating characters) for the implementation of call forwarding to a landline number; to activate the call forwarding to Moscow number: +7 495 subscriber number; to redirect the subscriber to the network MegaFon-Moscow: +7 926, the subscriber number; to establish call forwarding to the network of other operators in Russia: +7, network code, and telephone number; make the call forwarding to voice mail: +79262000222.
If you, for example, want to enable unconditional call forwarding to the number 89281112223,then your query should look as follows: 21+79281112223#. If your phone was previously connected to any other type of forwarding, when activated, unconditional, previous service will be cancelled.
If you want to single out any one type of calls to specify which of them will be subject to forwarding. For example, you can forward only the faxes or data. Enter: "**, service code call forwarding, * phone number * type of call #". Under the type of call are due to the following codes: any calls – "10"; phone calls – "11"; facsimile – "13"; data is "20".