In most cases, we see the military in full uniform – a tie and a white shirt. In fact, the work of the military's heavy – it's weeks, or even months of isolation from family, visits to landfills and shooting ranges in any weather. This is the guards and round-the-clock. Any military should be inherent qualities such as demanding of themselves and others, high culture, self-discipline, readiness at any moment to defend their country and their people. A soldier does not choose the place of work, and is there where it is needed.

In most cases, young people become soldiers in the conscription age. The time comes and taking them to undergo military service in the state army. In cases where civil the youth wish to enroll in military schools, its representatives, first of all, you need to apply at the place of residence to the Department of defense Affairs before April 1 of the year of receipt. The preliminary selection of candidates is carried out before may 1. Be military it is possible and much easier. If it's time you turned 18, wait for a summons from the recruiting office. When it comes, take the opportunity to become members of the military. After the end of military service you will be able to stay on contract service and continue your military career, receive higher education, which will help you to become a candidate for officer's insignia.

If for some reason you have not served in the army military service, after receiving a secondary education you can apply to the military. First such option applies to individuals who have a technical specialty (operators, equipment drivers) or physicians. The recruitment office will review your candidacy for passage of contract service and if you come for health reasons and morally-psychological qualities, will offer you options of places of service. After the call this way be prepared to undergo military training in the training center. To obtain a NCO rank you can aim for 3-4 months in the NCO training centres.