If the damage occurred in the lower extremities, the first thing you need to remove socks and shoes, as they can squeeze the location of edema. Give your feet elevated position, this put them under the pillow or cushion twisted clothes. Protect the injured area from possible loads.
In cases of mild sprains with a possible rupture of fibers occurs swelling and minor bleeding, the joint loses its former flexibility, but able to function. In this case, damaged area must be fixed in a pressure bandage or elastic bandage, splint and cooling compress. You can use a handkerchief soaked in cold water, or to impose the injured limb with ice bags. These procedures will help reduce swelling and pain.
With more serious ligament injuries increases bleeding and swelling, disturbed function of the joint, pain when movement becomes strong. In this case, you must provide complete rest and avoid any physical exertion. If damaged ligaments in the foot, it should always be in the raised position. Be sure to impose a pressure bandage, and even better to fix the damaged area with a plaster splint that will help to eliminate any movement, reduce pain and promote rapid healing of tissues. For two days the injured area must be applied ice packs. This procedure promotes vasoconstriction and reduces inflammatory swelling.
If as a result of the injury, the torn ends of the ligaments are not in contact with each other, there is a retraction of tissue, or a complete rupture, urgent surgical intervention.
Partial restoration of function of the injured extremity to treat torn ligaments should be using physical therapy, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory therapy.