Before to treat ligament of the knee, contact your doctor. Because they can not just stretch, and a completely tear - then without specialized treatment will not do.
If the doctor diagnosed a sprain of the knee, you can take his medication independently. Ensure the knee in the first days after injury, complete immobility, limit unnecessary movement and loading.
In the absence of severe pain do yourself a massage: soft movements remember the damaged area, gradually increasing the tempo and load.
When walking do not carry the entire body weight on the damaged leg.
If you hurting to lean on while walking on the damaged leg, use crutches movement.
To reduce inflammation and relieve pain apply to the injured knee pack or a bag with ice. Suitable for this purpose even frozen vegetables and other foods from the freezer. Conduct this procedure several times a day for twenty minutes. The cold will cause constriction of blood vessels and the swelling goes down.
Apply special bandage of elastic bandage on knee. It will provide good support and protect damaged ligaments from unnecessary movements.
When you go to rest, be sure to pick up the damaged knee above the head. So his swelling will be less.
Take medicines to reduce swelling and pain: ibuprofen, diclofenac. Be sure to read the instructions to these drugs.
To treat ligament of the knee using the compress 3 days after the injury. To do this, soak the cloth in warm water, wring and cover her knee for twenty minutes. Repeat the procedure three times a day.
For warming muscles on day 5 after injury, use a heating pad, a hot bath, a hot water bottle.