Immediately after the break, attach the cold. Then slide the anesthesia.
In case of incomplete rupture of muscles of a favorable result gives the conservative treatment (put in the position of relaxation of the muscles pressure bandage, keep the rest). Avoid any movements and wear a bandage for two weeks.
There are also traditional methods of treatment of rupture of the muscles. Take the ash of the shoots of the vine and mix it with olive oil in the following proportions: 1:4.
Pour 3 tablespoons of flowers cornflower pint of boiling water. Then, the resulting liquid and leave to infuse for 1 hour, then strain. Drink this broth 1/2 Cup at least 3 times a day.
Use pounded fresh leaves of wormwood. They are indispensable as a pain reliever.
A good treatment for swelling with rupture of the muscles is common cuff. Pour one hundred grams of leaves of the plant pint of boiling water, infuse 4 hours, and then strain. Make received infusions compresses. Apply it directly to the affected area for thirty minutes. This infusion has an effective hemostatic effect and good kills germs.
10-20 days can move to active therapy (e.g., massage and gymnastics). Strengthening the Shin will help you to relieve the pain in the calf. Pour one kilogram of rice in a stocking, and then place it on the toes in the sitting position on a chair, bending your knees. Next, without lifting your heels from the floor, try to bend forward and pull your toes to your Shin. This exercise strengthens the muscless that are responsible for straightening the fingers, as a result, decreases the load on the calf.
When complete rupture of muscleoccurs s her stapling with subsequent binding by immobilization of a limb of the special plaster cast. This bandage should be worn for 3 weeks. Then assigned to physiotherapy, massage and therapeutic exercise.