To cure the ankle, no need to rush to the doctor. All procedures can be done at home. All you need probably can be found in each apartment.
Once you've earned the sprain, it is necessary to remove the swelling and pain. To do this every 4 hours apply ice to the ankle for exactly 15 minutes. In order to avoid damage to the skin, you need a container with ice, wrap with a cloth. Try to keep the injured leg as high as possible, so there was not much blood flow. It will also be useful to RUB 1 per day gel "Troxevasin".
Waking up the next day, you can immediately take advantage of the aforementioned gel. After this it is necessary to provide the leg rest. If circumstances compel be away from home, try to fix the ankle. This can be done by using an elastic bandage or special bandage (also called clans). There are several techniques of bandaging it, but to do it in any case better than not getting out of bed. We draw your attention that should not be too tight to pinch the ankle, because throughout the day the blood must enter the blood vessels. Be sure to remove the bandage at night.
On the fourth day it is worth remembering the massage of the bruised places. This procedure will increase the blood flow to the ligaments. For starters, you need to carefully lubricate the ankle nutrient agents, and then put on hand cream with camphor. Now you can start rubbing my feet.
In the following days, proceed to massage, which will accelerate the healing of his ankle. If you like it, you can not stop in the future, because it will only strengthen your body. The fact that our foot has a huge number of nerve endings, each of which affects a specific organ (including on the spine).