You will need
  • - cold pressure bandage;
  • - elastic bandage;
  • - garlic, Apple cider vinegar, vodka, eucalyptus oil;
  • - pickled cabbage, sugar, onions;
  • - fir, Bay or eucalyptus oil.
First attach to the stretched ligament cold bandage for 15-20 minutes. You can use crushed ice, any products from the freezer or just put your foot under running cold water. Then coat the joint area with any ointment or gel that has anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect.
Apply a firm bandage, better elastic bandage, wrapping around and alternating with "eights", passing the bandage under the heel so that the dressing does not slip. At night, do not shoot, this will lock the joint in the correct position.
On the second day you can apply heat treatments, warm baths. Prepare the following composition. Pass through chesnokodavilku 100 grams of garlic and squeeze the juice from it. Add to garlic juice 250 ml Apple cider vinegar and 100 ml of vodka.
Add 30 drops of eucalyptus oil and mix well. Wet a piece of gauze folded in 4 rows. Attaching to the damaged ligament, lock tight bandage. Change the compress 2 times a day.
Take 100 grams passed through a meat grinder sauerkraut, add a tablespoon of sugar and grated on a fine grater raw onion. Stir until smooth, put the prepared weight on a piece of cotton fabric.
Apply it on the sore spot, cover it with paper compression, lock tight bandage. Change the poultice twice a day.
Whisk egg white until foamy, pour 30 ml of vodka and then mix thoroughly. Wet the gauze, folded in 2-3 layers in the prepared composition and apply to the affected area. Compression, cover with paper and secure with an elastic bandage. Change compresses 1 times per day.
On the third or fourth day, start massaging and rubbing the sore spot fir, Bay or eucalyptus oil. After the massage, apply a pressure bandage for another 3-4 days.