Tension are most susceptible to ankle joint. Leg when driving on rough terrain can get in the hole, to slip down, under the foot might go unnoticed because of the grass stone. The result is always the same – sharp pain, swelling and possible formation of a hematoma. Disturbed function of the joint to go is very difficult, if not impossible.
In the first minutes after the injury should be made to the damaged joint something cold. It can be ice in a plastic bag, in field conditions the foot can be immersed in cold water or in the snow. When the pain will noticeably subside, it is necessary to impose on the joint compression bandage.
To speed up the recovery process of damaged tissue, use of anti-inflammatory and pain relievers topical application. For example, "Indovazin" (it includes "Caffeine" and "Indomethacin"), "Fastum gel", "Diclofenac gel", "Bystrumgel'". All drugs are applied to intact skin two to three times a day. Smear the wound is impossible. The injured foot should provide complete rest.
Not less common injuries are bruises. Often receive them in the fall, a blow to the body with a hard object. In the place of the injury there will be pain, swelling, hematoma develops. If the injured arm or leg, with the development of edema or alterations of their motor function.
As with stretching, basic first aid is to cool the place of injury with ice, snow, cold water. On the injured joint, apply a compression bandage. Can do: quickly cool the place of injury, apply a compression bandage, after which further cool the damaged area on top of the dressing. To reduce swelling of the injured arm or leg should be raised slightly and provide her peace.
If the place of injury wounds do not soak it with water. Lubricate the skin around the wound with iodine and apply a compression bandage, and then cool the injured place on top of the dressing pad with cold water, ice pack or snow, etc. after two or three days, start to warm the injury site to the early resorption of hematoma. Apply heat before you can not, you can only increase the hemorrhage.