How and why is the sprain in humans

Bundles is a bundles of connective tissue that surround the joints and protect them from external influences, mobility and strength. If the fibers of these bundles are damaged, partially or completely torn (due to the large physical exertion or a sudden, unusual movement of the joint – for example, when the leg tucks), there is a tension. Its characteristic symptoms are: severe pain in the joint, and there is the appearance of edema, in some cases, you may receive a bruise.
Most often sprains of the ankle and knee joints.

Sprain or muscle can occur in almost any person, for example, if you fall, pull to the shoulder. But mostly this trouble happens with the athletes and people who lead an active lifestyle.

What to do when you sprain

If the person suffered an injury, symptoms of which indicate a possible sprain, you must perform the following conditions. In the first place provide rest and immobility of the injured extremity. Tightly secure the joint using an elastic bandage or any improvised means, for example, scarves, scarf, strip of cloth.

In the case of probable rupture of ligaments, as evidenced by severe pain and excessive mobility of the joint, should be on both sides of the joint bus (for example, from scraps of boards, plywood, pieces of hard plastic).

Because ignorant in medicine, people often find it difficult to distinguish the stretched ligaments from more serious injury – a dislocation and a fracture, it is desirable to deliver the injured to hospital or call him a doctor.

How to help the victim? To the damaged place should apply a cloth soaked in cold water or an ice pack. The cold will reduce pain and swelling. But the use of heat is not worth it. To reduce swelling is also recommended to give the limb an elevated position.

Can also be applied to the affected joint ointment or gel with analgesic and anti-inflammatory components, for example, "Fastum-gel" or "Nurofen gel".
To reduce pain, use of folk remedies. You can apply to the injured place grated raw potato or ground aloe leaves.

These simple but effective methods will help to minimize the chance of complications after this injury and recovery period will take a little time – from 5 to 10 days.