According to statistical research, more than 80 percent of home accidents represent a stretching or tearing of ligaments – dense connective tissue that binds the bones between them. The most commonly injured ligaments of the foot and knee. There are such incidents the result of displacement of a joint under unusual angle or in excess of the tensile strength of ligaments tensile. Most often, the ligaments in the foot suffer from poorly set foot on a slippery surface, or step, as well as in sports without any prior warm-up.
Any sprain is a tear of a few fibres of the beam bundles and an easy form complete rupture of the ligaments of the joint. Bundles permeated a large number of nerve endings and blood vessels, and therefore, in all cases of injury, the first symptom is severe pain and swelling in the affected joint. Very quickly there are other symptoms – redness of the skin, hematoma, and restriction of joint mobility. In circumstances where a rapid transport of the injured to the hospital, perform a number of actions aimed at reducing the consequences of injuries and treatment for ligaments:
Lay the victim to provide the rest of the injured leg. It is advisable not to disturb the damaged ligament about two days.
Apply ice to the affected joint, to reduce pain and swelling, but not more than 2 hours. Remember that cold is only effective the first day after injury.
Fix the joint using an elastic bandage or splint to ensure its immobility.
When bruising put the foot on elevation, preferably above the heart. This will help to remove the hematoma.
To reduce pain, use pain medications.
On the second day after injury, begin to use warm baths and compresses to the heating procedures that accelerate the resorption of hematomas and relieve swelling. Also fit the bag with sand, heated in the oven.
After reducing the pain and swelling that may take a week or more, gradually resume the motor function of the joints with easy exercises, beginning with circular movements.
With a light stretching procedure is sufficient to cure the ligament at home. However, if in any doubt about the severity of the injury be sure to consult your doctor.