Treatment depends on the severity. With a mild sprain when damaged only a few fibers of the ligament, you must perform the following steps. Limit the mobility of a joint by putting a pressure bandage. Lift the limb up on the injury, put an ice pack or cold wet cloth. Until full recovery is not back to work and avoid stress on the injured joint, so as not to aggravate the defeat. Do not try ahead of time to "develop" the damaged area.
Much more trouble arises, if there is a serious tear of the ligamentaccompanied by great swelling and bleeding. Ensure the limbs are at rest and secure it with the tires, and take victim to the emergency room. On the joint apply a firm bandage in the first few days after injury, apply cold. To speed healing and reduce swelling, need heat treatments, take a warm bath and do massage the affected limb. Sometimes on the injury imposed plaster splints. Follow a soft diet until the complete disappearance of swelling and pain.
In the most difficult cases, when there was a complete rupture of the ligament and damage to adjacent tissue, surgery will be scheduled. Only she can restore joint mobility. After surgery, the doctor will prescribe a puncture for removing the accumulated in the joint of blood. In order to develop a joint, do exercises, spend a massage of the muscles surrounding the joint. In addition, to reduce the swelling of tissues visit UHF.