Causes stretching

A large number of people pull muscles in the neck or back when trying something heavy to lift or move, keeping your back straight and without bending the knees. Pull my leg muscles can, straining much when walking or running, or exercising without a warm-up. Not heated and untrained leg muscles are often prone to various kinds of injuries.

An ankle sprain often happens when it bends. At this point, the ligament that connects the knobby part of the bone on the outside of the leg, torn or stretched. This happens most often when there is activity in a variety of sports games or sports.

Knee more vulnerable to sprains when landing wrong after a jump in such sports as basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, etc. Also the knee can be damaged on the ski slope, while riding on the roller or conventional skates.

The main symptoms

Muscles when you stretch too stretched. It is worth considering that when this injury some fabrics may be torn. In damaged areas may form a tumor or bleeding. As the stretching will gradually take place, there may be small scars. Therefore, after injury, the muscle can be less strong and elastic. Can also tear the tissues of the ligaments, if the joint were too tight. In this case it swells and becomes very painful and sensitive.

Treatment stretching

A simple muscle strain treated by applying ice to the affected area of the body and bed routine during the day. After that, cold compresses should be replaced hot.

To heal, usually a few days of lack of exercise. In case of serious damage of the muscles used anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants.

To prevent simple muscle strain can include in the training program a trivial exercise. In the gym before classes, it is necessary to warm up. To do this, follow a few simple stretching exercises and warming up of the muscles of the body. This is a basic complex that has to fulfill all athletes.

If the muscle strain on the foot does not rest during the day, pain at the site of injury very strong, be sure to consult with a qualified specialist. The doctor, examining the place of injury, put correct and proper diagnosis by assigning the necessary treatment.