You will need
  • Ice, vodka or alcohol, iodine, honey, cabbage leaves, salt, psyllium seed.
Maximum Immobilise the injured limb. Try to find a comfortable position that does not cause discomfort. The damaged joint is better positioned on the hill. Soon subject it to loads. The muscles need to relax completely.
Immediately after the injury to treat a sprain of the tendons should be using cold compresses or ice. Moisten a cloth with cold water or wrap it and apply ice to the affected area. As they heat they need to change.
Apply a tight pressure bandage on the injured limb. The less you move it the faster the pain will pass, and there will be recovery.
Periodically to massage and RUB the sore spot. It enhances blood circulation and relax tense muscles. Movements should be soft and directed upwards. For greater effect you can hold a vodka or rubbing alcohol (but in any case, do not use undiluted, as it can cause skin burns).
Apply to the injured joint in the morning and evening iodine mesh.
After 4 days you can start to treat a sprain of the tendons by heat treatments. Under the influence of heat, dissipates swelling, is inflammation of the soft tissue and decreases pain. Necessary to soar feet in hot water 2 times a day for 20 minutes. For best effect, prepare a decoction of salted pine needles.
Do honey wrap. Apply on the damaged joint layer of natural honey and apply on top of cabbage leaf, after rinsing it with boiling water and sprinkled with salt.
If injury tendons occur less often, strengthen ligaments will help the broth. For its preparation you need to brew 2 tbsp of psyllium in 1 liter of water. Take it 3 times a day for 2 tbsp.