You will need
  • Bandage, safety pin, band-AIDS, tissue paper, cotton-gauze pad.
To understand that the knee is damaged, it is possible on several grounds: it was swollen and sore; inside the knee felt unusual movement; heard the crackle; and felt a tingling or numbness in the foot or in the toes; the motion is not stable. In these cases cold, rest, elastic bandage and fixing the legs in raised position.
To reduce pain and prevent swelling of the limb, need 24 hours to leave the knee alone. On the first day, and if you need even longer, apply to the joint ice for 20 minutes. To reduce the swelling and support the joint, it is necessary to impose on knee compression bandage, it should not be too tight.
For the knees are best suited bandage size a 10 cm When bandaging unwind the coil a little behind the times just a few centimetres, this will help to ensure uniformity of tension. The end of the bandage is applied to the skin, and the roll to hold the top.
Applying a bandage to the knee, the first full revolution is done through the middle of most convex part. If the wound is bleeding, it is necessary to impose a cotton-gauze pad or cloth, and such bandaging would help her to fix.
The next round of the bandage is a little above the joint so as not to overlap the middle third of the first round.
The third turnover of the bandage is already below the middle joint, also not covering the middle third of the first round. Next, the bandage is imposed by eight so that the windings located above and below the knee. The bandage is completed with the coil directly over the joint, the bandage is fixed with adhesive plaster or a safety pin.
To avoid a new injury to the knee need to fulfill simple requirements. Get the strengthening of the leg muscles than the stronger they are, the less the likelihood of re-injury. You can do sports like Cycling or swimming. To prevent excessive weight. Up until the knee fully recovers, the sport is worth doing only if the joint is bandaged; if the tumor reappears – sport the best time to leave. For exercise on the Playground with artificial turf, choose the shoes with flat soles.