You will need
  • gear and equipment for football games;
  • - PC with Internet access;
  • specialized football literature.
Wanting to master all the subtleties of a popular game, don't be afraid to play football. Get rid of complexes and reject their prejudices. Remember that without training, the ability to play will not come. If you doubt the effectiveness of independent learning, sign up for a section or a football school. Professional trainers will easily indicate the optimal ways of learning. They will introduce the basics of the game will point out flaws and help you improve your skills.
Please note that no extra training will not give the desired result, if classes don't bring you pleasure. Ask yourself a goal and strive to implement it, motivating yourself to watching this thrilling read interesting information about the soccer life, favorite players, etc.
Work out in comfortable clothes and shoes. Not necessarily to get excessively expensive football gear. Comfort should take precedence over price. Be persistent and practice regularly. Make a schedule and try not to deviate from it.
Warming up before every training session, runs a few laps around the soccer field or playgrounds. Avoiding possible injuries and sprains, it is essential to follow a small set of exercises to warm up the muscles.
Do not neglect the knowledge of the theory of football. Learn various tactics and management options of the game. Read specialized literature, see video lessons on the Internet. Listen to the recommendations of experienced coaches and players.
Remember that playing football requires a healthy lifestyle and is incompatible with alcohol, Smoking and other bad habits. Don't be discouraged by temporary setbacks - ability never comes immediately. Honing his football skills, be patient and do not stop there.