Learn to play hacky sack can be quickly and easily in a week, provided that you will devote sufficient time training. Although this is a team game, to train and to practice the shots you can alone. As in any game, Coxe has its complications — you need time to react, to be able to cushion the fall of the ball, you must also be able to perform difficult tricks.
There are two types of this game is Footbag net and Footbag Freestyle. The first option athletes play through a high net. In fact, the game resembles volleyball. In freestyle performances of the participants are evaluated in multiple categories: choreography, skill, the complexity of performing tricks and variety. The whole programme is performed to music. In these two areas competitions.
What are the rules of the game in the yard of the SOx? It also has its own varieties. You can play as on the glasses, and the beauty of stunts. After all, the SOx can kick almost all parts of the body - knees and toe shoes and the head and heel, inner side of the foot and even back.
Since SOx is a team game, it is best if players will be more than two people. But the more players the better. They should stand about two metres from each other.In any case, you can't touch the ball with your hands. Another condition for the SOx - you can't throw the ball to himself, only partner.
The ball for the SOx can be purchased in sports stores for about 200 rubles. At the same time pay attention to some details. It is best to buy ball big size, as it is easier to catch and hold on the foot. In addition, yarn socks must be durable and binding tight. It will not allow the ball to stretch and crumble. And remember that the smaller the filler for hacky sack, the better. Ball with a minor content will be easy to take the form of the surface on which lies, moreover, it will be easier to hold. But it is too small, the filler will pour out of the holes of the fabric.
You can make socks with your own hands. For this you will need an old sock. Cut it and fill any grains – peas, rice. Another detail that you should pay special attention shoes. For the SOx even produce special shoes, but you can do your regular running shoes or sneakers. Most importantly, they were light, comfortable and with good tread.